How to Rank up in Teamfight Tactics

You don't need to win every game to rank up in Teamfight Tactics.  In fact, making it into the top half will send you in the right direction.   This changes how you play the game.   

Here are some tips for ranking up in Teamfight Tactics. 

  1. Don't force compositions.    You don't know what champions you will have access to.   Not to mention that items often dictate which composition is best for you.   Lots of belts? Load up Swain, Shyvana, Braum or even Darius. Multiple bows?  Let's hope for a Volibear.  Build a bear indeed!  Draven is another great choice.   Lots of lockets?  Morgana with her retinue of assassins is an incredibly strong comp.  
  2. Don't hoard your items in your sidebar.   Build the damn things and put them on champions.  I've seen players go down with 4-5 items sitting on the bench.    Why would anyone do this?  If you can't build the item you wnat just put one item on a Champion.  It makes a difference, especially in the early game. 
  3. Analyze your game.   You can't win them all, but blaming RNG for your losses doesn't make you better.  Perhaps with a different play you could have been 3rd instead of 4th for instance. 
  4. Plan out your gold.   Are you rerolling for a champion or saving to level up?   Don't level up until you afford to do so.  That part level just ate some of the gold that you might need for the emergency reroll.   The game is fluid.  Only spend when you need to spend. 
  5. Level up.   Yes, we want 50 gold for maximum econ, but if you level up after the PVE and carousel rounds you will have access to better champions and that means you will win individual matches.  That creates winstreaks.  The higher your level the more damage you do to the opponent.   Level up!
  6. Buy units that your opponent needs (unless it takes you below an interest threshold)  Starving your opponent is almost as important as building your own squad. 
  7. Don't be afraid to sell a 1-gold 3-star Champion to play something like Draven.   Selling a 3-star Vayne for a 1-star Draven is a boon. 

What tips do you have?

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Last Updated: Jul 22, 2019

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