You won't see these in the tutorial, but if you delve into the depths of the options in Teamfight Tactics you will find that there are keyboard shortcuts that will make much of the game much quicker and easier to play. 

Keyboard Controls

  • D-Key: Reroll the Champions available for purchase. This is the equivalent of clicking the reroll button.  Costs you 2 gold. 
  • E-Key: Sells the Champion that you are hovering over. Equivalent of dragging champion to the recycle bin.
  • F-Key: Purchases XP towards your next level. Equivalent of clicking on the XP button.
  • W-Key: Moves the Champion that you are hovering over on or off the battlefield.  
  • 1-Key and 3-Key: Cycles through the boards of your opponents.   Used when scouting opponent's composition. 
  • CTRL + 1-4: Little Legend emotes. 
  • Spacebar: Brings you back to your home board. 


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Last Updated: Jul 04, 2019

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