/u/Aquanort took notes from the Mortdog and Blastuoise TFT Interview.   Great stuff. 

You can watch the Mortdog and Blastuoise TFT Interview and/or read the full notes.


Here are a couple of quotes.   

Why full item drops? They think this genre is long-term when things are different in games, and this was a way to shakeup people building the same items each and every game. Now they want players to adapt to the items given. They actually think full items do a much better job at getting people to try new things. Sometimes forcing players to adapt is good, because if players are giving full optionality they will do the same thing every time.


Void was meant to be counter to noble and guardians, but its too good everywhere. Noble was supposed to counter to gunslinger and ranger, but actually good everywhere. They want to shift into comps being counters without being too generally good.


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Last Updated: Aug 26, 2019

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