Teamfight Tactics - PBE Changes for July 23, 2019.

Riot has done a tremendous job of actively changing the bits and pieces of the game that the playerbase has had issue with.  

Here are the changes as we know them for July 23, 2019.   If you have additional changes please let us know!


  • Sorcerers Tier 1 buffed to 45%.    This is a great buff as anyone attemping to build our sorcerers had a really weak window until they hit T2 or found a complimentary synergy.  
  • Void Champions deal true damage.  Unclear if this will move anyone to build Void.   Unless a player is stacking armour there is no real reason to go this route and very few players stack armour. 
  • Nobles buffed to +80 Armour, +80 Magic Resist and +35 HP.  T1 = 1 Ally.  T2 = All Allies.   This is a big buff.  Nobles was strong early game, but perhaps now it is worth holding onto as the match progresses. 
  • Ninja T1 buffed to 70%.  T2 nerfed to 70%.   I'm not sure this does much of anything to the game. 
  • Dragons nerfed to 83% Magic Resist from 100%.   Essentially T1 Dragons each have a Dragon Claw.  
  • Shapeshifters given a T2 of 120% HP bonus.   They were strong already, so this is a big buff. 
  • Brawlers now have three Tiers.  2/4/6 = 300/700/1200 HP.    Still unclear if they will able to kill anything even with all that HP.
  • Wild buffed to 10% per stack.   Stronger than ever early.  Not sure this is enough to hold onto them. 

Did we miss anything?  What are your thoughts on these changes?




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Last Updated: Jul 23, 2019

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