Test Server got a patch. Here's the scoop.


There are now three optional voiceover downloads available to players on our Test server. These optional downloads will allow our designers to add a considerable number of new voices to the game which will make the world of Norrath an even more lively place.

Please be aware that the new audio will not actually be heard in the game until the design team is able to update the necessary character data. However, we would appreciate it if our Test server players would download the files now to help test the optional download process.

To download these optional packs, run the Test server launchpad as normal. After the game has updated, click the "Download Options" button and select the optional voiceover packs you wish to receive.

Please be aware that these files are quite large in size and may take a considerable amount of time to download. The total for all optional packs is around 375 megabytes. The individual file sizes are:

City Ecology - 223 megs
Quest Characters - 26 megs
Combat - 126 megs

These optional files will be made available to the live servers after the design data is in place and the voices can be tested.

Thanks again for helping us work to enhance the world of EverQuest II.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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