The 5 Best Free Games You Can Play Right Now

Besides lots of popular paid games, an abundance of free projects is available for players. Most of them are ordinary, but there are also very popular games with millions of fans that can be played without a single penny. These games are provided under the free-to-play model, so players can enjoy all the benefits of free play or purchase some items in the store. However, you can often do without it, and the games themselves do not get worse. We have collected the 5 best free games, which are not worse than their competitors.


1)     Destiny 2

It is an epic MMO shooter with a well-developed plot that has become free of charge. The gamer will have to create a hero and start exploring the open world, complete in-game missions, and look for the best equipment. In addition to the free mode, various PvE and PvP activities will not let you get bored. Besides, a professional boosting service will make it easy for you to pass any missions. Even though there are many restrictions in the game, you need at least to try it. 


2)     Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This game is popular throughout the generations. The online shooter has recently become free, which added scores to the mega-popular project and the leading e-sports discipline in the world. At the same time, CS:GO is far from an easy shooter to learn and requires good preparation from gamers. Anyway, this is a perfect option for people to spend free evenings.


3)     Warframe

Warframe is a top-ranked shooter with a huge and unique world. It does not require any money to play, and good progress can be made on your own. Of course, this game also has many peculiarities, for example, system requirements and an abundance of in-game nuances that no one explains to beginners. But there are more positive aspects, so Warframe can be called one of the best MMO shooters of our time.


4)     EVE Online

Being one of the greatest MMOs of our time EVE is absolutely free. Unlike conventional RPGs, every pilot is a piece of a huge, player-controlled world. Do you want to become a merchant supplying others with things they need? Or will you make a career in the corporation, organizing sabotage? These are just two of the many options available for players.


5)     Paladins

This game can be called too similar to Overwatch, but it takes a different approach to the hero shooter formula. Once you’ve created your skill with a deck of cards, you’re all about helping your team receive scores and deliver siege weapons directly to the front entrance of an enemy fortress.

What are your top-5 free games to play? Share with us in the comments.


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Last Updated: Feb 02, 2021


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