The Advantages of Playing Real Money over Free to Play Casino Games

Some people don’t want it to be true. Others think it’s impossible. But it’s given that you can make money playing casino games. In fact, the world is full of millionaire casino players, some who’ve been professionals for decades.

Some people become casino millionaires by luck. Maybe they bet on a jackpot game and hit the grand prize. Or they were playing poker and produced the Royal Flush. But for others, winning money at casinos is a process engineered by professionalism and experience.

Regardless, here are seven reasons to play casino games for real money.

It’s Real Money

The keyword is real-money: Dollar, dollar bills you all! You could win $50 today or $500 tomorrow. When you win, you walk away with real cash, something free gaming can't promise. Of course, $500 isn't the limit.

If you’re lucky, you could win millions of dollars. But let’s even say you win $100,000. It’s a lot of money to receive for doing little more than pushing buttons on slot machines. Now, you can’t win always money when playing casino games.

Slots, blackjack, roulette, and Craps are games of pure skill. You can use a few strategies regularly. But more often than not, luck will be the X-factor when gambling online. If you’re lucky, you win money. If unfortunately, you lose your stake.

More Excitement

Think about it. You could have $10M in your free to play casino account. Or win $100M in blackjack after using all the strategies you know. But once the game is over, you’ll probably don’t care.

But imagine winning $10,000 at a slot machine. You’d be all over the moon. That’s the difference between real money and free casino gaming. Every win you make while playing slots for real money is exciting.

Every round of roulette, blackjack poker you win calls for celebrations. Because it’s a profit made by risking something valuable. Likewise, you watch out losses carefully, usually trying to minimize them.

Lots of Good Games

Free to play casinos provide a decent variety of slots and card games. But they are no match for real money slots and table options. Developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech invest millions of dollars annually to create innovative, beautiful, and profitable games.

The best part about real money casinos, though, is that they provide comprehensive game libraries. Unlike slot apps or poker websites, you get a fully-fledged online casino. That means you're not limited to the games to play.

At some of the casinos listed at, you also get bonuses to play your favorite slots and card games. Usually, you receive a 100% bonus based on your deposit amount. If you deposit $1000, you get $1000 as a bonus.

Fair Play

Let’s face it. Free to play casinos don’t always provide fair games. In many cases, they feature rigged games so that you lose or win more than you should. What do they gain from rigging games?

Although they don’t provide real-money gambling, they are in the business of making money. They run adverts or sell in-game items to make profits. So, they rig their games to make you buy in-game currencies or watch adverts.

Because they’re not required to acquire licenses, there’s little that can be done to hold free to play casinos accountable. And when you think about it, not many people complain about these casinos.

Real money casinos are a different ballroom, though. They fall into a regulated industry and are required to provide fair games. But you don’t have to take casinos’ word for it. If they have a label from one of these companies:

  • GLI
  • ITechLabs
  • eCOGRA
  • Thwate

They have been audited publicly and proven to provide fair games. Crucially, auditors also audit payments to confirm that a website pays out money to winners consistently. They also check how an operator resolves disputes.

Advanced Social Gaming

One of the hottest trends in the casino space is live gaming. It involves playing poker, blackjack, roulette, or baccarat in a live setting. You could play with a human dealer or fellow competitors. And you could talk, see each other and have fun together.

Sometimes free to play casinos provide social games. But they don’t have the advanced equipment and technology used at real money casinos. They could let you compete with other humans. But in many cases, they will also involve bots to keep costs down.

That said, live casino games are part of the reason people are increasingly playing casino games. Not everyone wants to play casino games alone. Some people want the thrills of playing poker with friends. And the only way to socialize at online casinos is through live dealers.

It Could Become a Career

It’s hard but it’s not impossible. Some people have done and you could it. Of course, winning a few times doesn’t warrant becoming a career gambler. But if you’re a consistent winner, then you could turn it into a side hustle.

How much do professional gamblers make? It depends. Elite poker players can make up to a million dollars every year. But most people make just enough to pay the bills. Truth be told, this profession comes with a lot of inconsistencies.

Although you could have a profitable year, it doesn’t mean you’ll make profits every month. Because of that, clearing bills on-time can be a problem.

A Better Way to Kill Time

Most people play casino games to kill time. They don’t do it to become overnight millionaires or to become professionals. But when you think about it, passing time while also making money in the process sounds more exciting.

You want to play online slots. But you wouldn’t hate to win some money while at it. Sure, you won’t always win cash. But as we mentioned earlier, gambling for real money is more entertaining.

All you need is to spend money you can afford to lose. If you have a budget, then playing casino games online is alright.

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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2020