The best computer games on the theme of casino

Despite the fact that today games dedicated to excitement can be found only on the sites of virtual casinos, there are many interesting independent products on the market. These are mainly simulators and various emulators of championships, in which the player will be able to compete for the title of the best. Some computer games of this genre deserve a separate breakdown.

Blooming Business: Casino

This is a kind of casino manager. The user will act as the owner of an elite gambling club in Las Vegas. Online casinos that accept paypal work in a similar pattern. The task of the boss is to do everything to make the business flourish, and customers were ready to leave their money every day at the tables with roulette and poker.

The plot unfolds in a fictional world. Casino customers are not people, but various animals and other anthropomorphic creatures. True, the needs of these characters are quite human.

Inside the gambling hall every now and then there are conflicts. Someone does not like the service, someone is dissatisfied with a big loss. In addition, the manager should not forget about VIP guests. For such persons need to create exclusive conditions.

The player will have to go a long way from an unknown manager to the owner of the gambling business in Las Vegas. Pleasant and simple graphics, unusual choice of characters make the gameplay dynamic. It is impossible not to mention the fact that the developers managed to note a lot of specialized details, which will be appreciated by anyone who has been at least once in the gambling capital of the United States.


If the first game from this selection is more like an entertaining arcade for killing time, SimCasino is a simulator for professionals. The player will have to assume the position of the head of his own gambling hall, and in this case you need to take into account a lot of nuances.

The user will be able to determine the format of gambling zones, set up tables with poker and roulette, determine the number of slot machines. Special attention is paid to the selection of personnel. Not every croupier can meet the requirements of picky customers.

The game realizes an interesting aspect. It concerns cheaters. The manager of the casino will have to thoroughly think through the security system. Otherwise, swindlers will easily get around the inexperienced staff and take the entire bank.

Casino Inc

The game from 2002 has long been considered a rarity, but is still found in player reviews. The user will have to manage the casino, but this process will combine both arcade and full-fledged strategy.

The simulator has everything that is characteristic of the everyday life of a classic casino. This fraudulent schemes, big wins, showdown with bandits and fierce struggle with competitors. The view from the top will appeal to fans of the classics, which is what led to the second birth of this project after 20 years.

World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets

Despite the low ratings, the game deserves attention. The thing is that there are not so many simulators of a full-fledged poker championship on the market. Here the player will have to pass all the stages and compete for elite bracelets.

Primitive graphics and not the most convenient interface scare away, but the developers have well thought out the algorithms of artificial intelligence. Guess the strategy of the computer at the next poker table is not always possible. Therefore, here you can not only have fun playing the game, but also to practice. It's no secret that in poker not everything depends on luck.

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Last Updated: Oct 09, 2023