5 Games That Deserve A Sequel

While some games are easily forgotten, some games leave us with the most memorable experiences. They leave us wanting more installments, but alas, we never get to see that dream come to life. The makers of such games end up making the audience crave more. Today we are going to explore some of these games which absolutely deserve a second edition.

We have compiled a list of 5 such titles that offered their players a host of experiences ranging from innovative gameplay and graphics to adventures worth a lifetime in their first installment. If you are someone who lives for a sense of rush and excitement, come and visit the Ice Casino, where the fun never stops. With a host of offerings from table games to slots and much more, the ICE Casino is the best place to be for players. Let us now proceed to see which are the top 5 games that definitely deserve a sequel. 


It is safe to say that Overwatch fans all around the world are eagerly looking forward to an Overwatch sequel. Since its release about six years back, the original installment has seen a wide amount of success and acceptance from all across the world. It is a known fact that the game garners a monthly audience subscription of 7 million. As a gift this year, there has been some news that might bring the ardent Overwatch fans some joy. The second installment is apparently in the works and could have a potential launch date this year. With such high expectations, if Blizzards delivers a game that is on point, then it can expect a huge success.

Sleeping Dogs

One of the games that immediately come to mind when we are talking about games that deserve a sequel is the United Front Games and Square Enix's Sleeping Dogs. Being a fan favorite and a worldwide success, this game houses the character of a cop named Wei Shen, who is deep undercover in the scary criminal underworld of Hong Kong. The game is designed to offer never-ending excitement and entertainment for its players. From street racing, heart-racing combat sequences, and beautiful scenery to karaoke, this game just keeps on giving. It would not be wrong to conclude that an even more power-packed sequel is long overdue.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In the world of role-playing games (RPG), Skyrim is one which has seen success at a great level. It offers an immersive world filled with the excitement of surviving dragons, magic, and more. This game definitely demands a sequel of its kind. It can be a new plot line or can explore the Dragonborn storyline.

L.A. Noire Gameplay

L.A. Noire is known as one of the most exciting and best crime and investigator-themed games there is. There has been no update or rumor of its sequel being planned. However, fans do feel like it still has the chance of witnessing a sequel. The success it saw after its release was incomparable to any. Rockstar's L.A. Noire had received several positive reviews for its 1947 Los Angeles setting; not only that, but its captivating cut scenes and immersive gameplay have brought to life the experience of an investigator. Whether the sequel is given a new plot line or it picks up from the previous setting, it is safe to say that the game will still be well received, given its fan following.

Left 4 Dead 2

If there is anything that has revolutionized cooperative multiplayer gaming, it has to be the Left 4 Dead series. It was designed to give the user an experience that was worth the time. Gory zombie-filled levels to overcome and a unique "AI Director" technology that has changed the game, which is based on player performance. A sequel of this game can explore more avenues in the gameplay, storyline, and more.

Parting Word

In a nutshell, the gaming world has given us memorable titles that have left a great impact on the players and the audience at large. These are some games that got their due through multiple sequels, while some were left in the dark, wanting to see the light of day again. Fans of these games have been eagerly waiting for years for a continuation of the epic stories and exciting adventures they hold so dear to their hearts. It is time for these game developers to take notice of this fact and churn their wheels of creativity to give the fans of these games a much-deserved sequel.


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Last Updated: Jun 15, 2023