The Evolution of Online Slots: Why Are They so Popular?

In the past, people went to casinos if they wanted to play slots or some other gambling games. This is no longer the case, as most players now play the online versions of these games. Newer generations who are digitally savvy instantly start playing online while a lot of older players have gradually switched over to their devices as well, but why? 

That’s what we’ll talk about today. The fact is, traditional slots are basically dead. There aren’t many people going to the casino to play their favorite games. It shows just how far the online versions have gone. 

Why is the online environment perfect for slot games?

There are many reasons why slots and players have transitioned online. First of all, it’s convenient. There is no need to go out from your home and go to a casino when you can play your favorite game at home while commuting, or when you are at your lunch break. 

On the other hand, one of the biggest reasons why these games are so popular is that they can be played for free as well. In the past, this wasn’t an option. Even if they want to play for real money, players can first test out a slot and see how they like it before they start playing for real. 

Online slots also come in a huge variety. Traditional slots were all the same, and nothing ever changed. With online slots, there are different themes, in-game mechanics, bonus features, playing modes, and so on. Developers have gamified these gambling games and improved them further. 

Fishing Frenzy: A prime example of online slots!

Reel Time Gaming developers made this slot. Even though this slot might seem a bit childish, it comes with big free spins, scatter symbols, wilds, and so on. 

With this slot, the theme is all about fishing. It has an underwater setting and some beautiful animations that are present throughout the whole gaming experience. 

The game has a standard reel layout with a 5x3 configuration and a maximum of 10 paylines. It also comes with a lot of features, including bet adjustments, autoplay, a spin button that resembles traditional slots, and so on. All in all, it’s a charming slot game that is very fun to play. 

You can play it both for free or make real bets – the choice is up to you. If you want to learn more about the game and maybe even try Fishing Frenzy, check ice36

How online versions of slots differ from traditional slots

It depends. Online slots can be identical to conventional slots, and there are those versions designed to be just that, for players who might be nostalgic but don’t want to waste their time by going to a casino. On the other hand, some slots take the whole game style to another level. 

They introduce new features, mechanics, bonus games, and so on. Some players are always looking for something more. They get bored when playing the same game over and over again. Apart from this, what makes online slots different is that they are available.

Anyone can play them, even those people that don’t want to bet real money. On the other hand, you can play whenever you want as online casinos are always open. 

Other casino games that moved to online media

Slots aren’t the only gambling game that moved to the online arena. In fact, most of them did. Today players can choose from slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo, social gambling games, and so on. What’s even better is the fact that the online environment offers a lot of transparent information. 

Unlike traditional casinos, people know the mechanisms behind the games, their winning chances, and systems that power them up. Furthermore, there are a lot of resources available from other players where they share their strategies and experiences. You can read more here.


If you haven’t played them yet, try out online slots and see what they are about. You have a lot of options available, and what’s even better is that you can test them out for free. 


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Last Updated: Jan 20, 2020

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