without question, has the most prolific history of any
real-time strategy game. Its impeccable balance that spawned hundreds
of unique strategies, map designs, and builds is legendary in the
online gaming community. As href="">StarCraft

prepares to take up the
of its predecessor, Ten Ton Hammer takes a closer look at how the
armies of StarCraft II have evolved, beginning with the early game Zerg.

Roaches turn the early game versus both terran and protoss
upside down.
Whereas in StarCraft zerg's only defense against protoss and terran was
overwhelming numbers of zerglings, now zerg can go on the offensive
early micromanaging roaches to deadly effect against the less mobile
zealots or stand toe to toe against terran's ranged forces. Roaches
also regenerate health at an incredible rate while burrowed adding to
their effectiveness.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016