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The Hitman video game franchise is recognized as one of the most successful stealth video games that consistently delivered a thrilling gaming experience with each sequel. It also inspired two films that were based on the events of the game. Even though the films weren't as successful as the game franchise, they introduced more people to the Hitman universe and demonstrated how much the video games were revered among the fans. The popularity of the franchise is also reflected in online casinos. Namely, the industry-leading developer Microgaming created an exciting slot game that was based on the video game franchise. 

It features everything from impressive sound effects to great bonus rounds with the main character. So, you will have a chance to revisit a lot of great aspects of the video game. In case you want to test your luck with games of chance, you can always register on a reliable online casino and choose from equally interesting slot games, table casino games, and many other options. Also, you can play for fun in demo mode. If you are wondering what made Hitman one of the most popular games of all time, keep reading.  

Unique Storyline 

The plot revolves around the main protagonist, agent 47, who was created in a laboratory as a clone, designed with superhuman intelligence in order to work as the perfect assassin.  

One of the main reasons why the game achieved widespread acclaim and success is that throughout the missions of the game, the main character is able to choose from an array of alternative ways of eliminating the target. So, agent 47 is able to kill using loud weapons, poisons, strangulations, sniping, and many other methods. 

It's worth noting that each new game in the franchise is better than the previous one. Another unique part of the video games is that, unlike other stealth games, Hitman provides realistic disguises to the character. This means that the protagonist of the game can disguise himself in different uniforms in order to gain access to more areas of the mission. 

Hence, agent 47 goes through many disguises in order to eliminate certain targets. This makes the game complex and challenging for any player as you need to learn how to adapt quickly to different environments.  

Furthermore, you will notice that after the initial release of the game, each game that is part of the Hitman franchise has its own storyline; although they are related to each other, the games feature missions that are authentic to that game. It's worth mentioning that the Hitman franchise was created by one of the most famous game studios, IO Interactive, and it's available on PlayStation, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and other devices.

The Protagonist 

What makes Hitman a compelling character is that even though he is created as a clone that isn't supposed to have any redemption for his actions, we get to explore the human nature of the character in the second game of the franchise. 

After the events of the first game, agent 47 worked as a gardener for the Sicilian church and became a good friend to the reverend Emilio Vittorio. When the reverend is kidnapped, he embarks on dangerous missions around the world as an assassin in order to save his friend. In the subsequent games, we get to learn more about agent 47's background while he fights against even more dangerous opponents.  

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the franchise was recognized not only for its interesting storyline and nuanced protagonist but also for its equally amazing graphics and impressive soundtracks. It inspired the subsequent mobile version of the game and even films and comic books based on the missions of the game. So, it's safe to say that Hitman is a great example of a video game that captured the attention of the mainstream media and became a famous pop culture icon.  


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Last Updated: May 31, 2021