The Most Popular Games in 2021

Online gambling has never been more entertaining in Canada and 2020 has become a fine example of this. There are many excited to see what new games they will get to play. Some of which belong to their favourite genre. Whether you love online free slots no download or classic table games, they all can be found in bounties within Canada. Over the past few years, there have been some significant strides in new online gambling development. The games you play can come in much more varieties than thought possible. Here are some of the favourite games to play in Canada, and possibly the rest of the world, in 2021: 

Online Slot Games

The most popular and more common method of online gambling. Video slots especially have seen many new releases coming in 2021. Software providers have worked effortlessly to create some exciting new features to make the modern slots even more exciting. Games like Hyper Strike by Microgaming, Bull in a China Shop by Play’n GO, and Congo Cash by Pragmatic Play, and many more can be seen to come. What makes them special is just how easy it is to place your deposit and watch the reels start to spin - adding modern technology to give them that kick that can rival even the video game industry. 

Online Poker

Poker is a favourite for many that love traditional gambling. For video poker, it has become a whole new haven. While you can find some of these games available from providers in online casinos, Poker Sites have also become a recent trend. Places like BetOnline Tiger Gaming have their own poker rooms in which you can play with your friends or against a computer, placing the cards and adding new variations for whichever you prefer. This includes Texas Hold’em, Triple Draw, and 7-card stud. It is all available to you online with just a click of the mouse. 


If you want a nice, simple table game to play, then look no further. Blackjack is popular in both land-based casinos and in online casinos. A rapid-paced game can place emphasis on speed, skill, and luck. Being online, there are many benefits to make the game that much simpler, such as adjusting the rules, quickly splitting cards, or using unique bonuses that come with the casino. A ton of varieties like Classic, Atlanta City, Pontoon, Perfect Pairs, and much more are still produced in 2021, giving you plenty of time to get acquainted with what works best for you. 

Roulette Wheels

Roulettes are something truly nostalgic. They are seen as the heart and soul of casino games and are certainly continuing in 2021. Canadian casinos have welcomed Roulette games for many of their sites. This includes many varieties as well, such as the French Roulette, Multi-Wheel, American Roulette, Spingo, and Diamond Roulette. These games are set to be given new bonuses from the casinos in 2021, allowing you to make use of extra spins, extra deposits, and a whole lot more. 

Online Bingo

Bingo is a welcome addition to online gambling. While not a traditional casino game, there is a lot of entertainment to be had with it adding more flavours of the title with many other additional gameplay benefits. Win Collector, Jackpot Showers, Mojo Hot Ball, and Loyalty bonuses are just a few examples. A good place to play bingo games in Canada is 888 Ladies Bingo. A place where many players can come and enjoy Bingo (even if you’re a guy). You can expect to find a first-class experience there, along with its own unique benefits. Despite being small-time, Bingo will continue to grow big in 2021. 

Live Gaming

Live gaming has always provided that extra layer of excitement when it comes to gambling on the internet. With live gaming, this allows players to face off against each other in real casino rooms. Many of which will be hosted by a real dealer who handles the games that you play. Live gambling can be just what you need when playing in Canada to create a better community. In the coming year, places like Pelaa, Wildz Casino, and Casimba have set to improve their number of live games in their selection. This includes both regular table games, Roulette wheel, blackjack, and online slots. Playtech continues to have one of the biggest live gambling operations in the world, so their games come highly recommended. 

There are plenty of games to be played and a lot to be excited for in 2021. Stay in touch by visiting review sites and more to see what new releases you will be interested in. No matter what genre you play, there are dozens to choose from, and you will always be spoiled for choice. Casino gaming in Canada has never been more popular, so make sure to choose what you find the most entertaining. 

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Last Updated: Feb 05, 2021