The Most Popular Payment Methods for Quick Withdrawals

In 2023, gamblers' preferences have moved toward convenience, more payment options, and easier access to financial networks. In fact, the prevailing trends are speed, simplicity, security, and speed of transactions.


  • 40% of gamblers have used a mobile wallet to make any sort of payment, up from 26% in 2019. 

  • 1 in 3 users are ready to switch payment channels or methods for faster processing. 

  • 42% of players would consider paying a bill with an alternative payment method. 


Withdrawing from an online casino can be tricky. While numerous payment methods exist globally, only a few stand out due to their speed, security, and fees. Let's explore the top ones.

Choosing the right payment method

Choosing a payment method has an impact on your time at the casino. Different payment methods have different transaction times: instant, within hours, days, weeks, or even months. Keep in mind that some payment methods do not charge transaction fees and some do. Let's take a look at each payment method. 

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards have become some of the most convenient and fast payment methods for withdrawing. With any of the cards, you can instantly access your funds and get even better security. They are also flexible and suitable for Aussies who prefer fast withdrawals from the best online casinos. Credit and debit cards are not limited to withdrawals and can facilitate many other transactions.

Withdrawal time: 1–5 days for withdrawals.

Fees: around 3.85% of transactions.


In 2021, 15% of digital wallet users said they leave their residence regularly without their “old-school wallet”. This indicates that more and more users prefer e-wallets. An e-wallet can store several payments and cards in a single wallet for quick and easy gambling transactions. Users can connect their credit and debit cards to their e-wallets and make transactions. You can even directly transfer money from your bank account to another bank through e-wallets. 

Withdrawal time: usually takes a day for withdrawals.

Fees: typically have a transaction fee of less than 1% of the transaction.

Bank Transfers

While e-wallets are sometimes unavailable at some online casinos, bank transfers are more widely accepted. Bank transfers are also secure and reliable, meaning you do not constantly have to worry about being scammed when making withdrawals or deposits at online casinos. You can also withdraw huge amounts of money through bank transfers in a single transaction because of their high withdrawal limits. 

Withdrawal time: 5–28 days for withdrawals.

Fees: around 1-2% of transactions.


Betting with cryptocurrency is similar to using regular money, but instead of fiat currencies like dollars or euros, you use digital coins. To bet with cryptocurrency, obtain it from exchanges like Binance or Coinbase and store it in a digital wallet. With funds in your crypto wallet, you can deposit to gambling platforms. The process is largely identical to traditional currency, and when you win, your earnings are also in cryptocurrency, which you can withdraw or keep playing with.

Withdrawal time: take a day for withdrawals.

Fees: 1% fee to convert and withdraw.

Beware: Before cashing out at a casino, understand their withdrawal rules, as they vary. When you withdraw for the first time, it might take longer due to identity checks using ID, passport, or credit card details. This process is usually quick but necessary for most payment methods. Be aware, that casinos have withdrawal limits. The method you choose, like bank transfers versus e-wallets, can also affect these limits.

Final Thoughts

The reviewed most popular withdrawal methods are always available at almost every casino. The speed of payout will still depend not only on the payment method but also on some casino rules.  Despite the differences, all payment methods are aimed at providing Australians with the best possible service at online casinos and elsewhere. Choosing the right method is just as important as understanding the rules and regulations of where you use them.

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Last Updated: May 03, 2023