The Most Satisfying Online Games of 2019 So Far

We are in the golden age of playing games online, but unfortunately, the game hailed to be one of the biggest and best of 2019 has been a tremendous flop. Anthem was hyped by BioWare and Electronic Arts for years but was released as an ill-thought-out, buggy mess. It is still in a similar state, with the developers needing to desert their initial road map of updates to cater to more pressing needs within the game.

But just because Anthem is failing the online community, it doesn’t mean that other less-hyped games aren’t delivering a satisfying gaming experience.




Wargroove is an adorable turn-based online strategy game on the Nintendo Switch that puts you in control of an army and its commander as you wage war for your kingdom. In the game, you can build your army, select your commander, and even craft your own scenarios and maps. As for the online elements, up to four players can enter into a battle, each taking control of one of the four kingdoms. Battling on the provided maps and scenarios is great fun, but battling in a world created by your fellow players provides a renewed and exciting challenge each time.

Jazz Cat

Of all of the people who play games online at Aspers Casino, it seems as though a large percentage of them have gravitated to the newest progressive slot Jazz Cat in 2019. Featuring some cute characters, 25 paylines, wild symbols, and scatter symbols, Jazz Cat delivers all of the familiar gameplay of regular slots, but also boasts multiple progressive jackpots. Anyone, anywhere in the world who plays Jazz Cat contributes to these progressive jackpots, with them all simultaneously competing to win the ever-growing jackpots. This format of online gaming has become very popular in recent years, and now the website boasts many progressive slots to enable people to battle in a setting which they like the most.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2



Following the incredibly popular release of The Division in 2016, it was only a matter of time before a sequel for the online action RPG game on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC was released. In the middle of March, the Division 2’s release was met very favourably by critics and players alike, with many citing it as being a great improvement on its predecessor. The revamped online mode ‘Dark Zone’ is proving to be very popular among all players, especially as every venture rewards you with something new for your efforts.

Apex Legends

As if from nowhere, Apex Legends was launched by Respawn Entertainment at the start of February as a direct rival to the behemoth Fortnite, smashing player records set by the sensational battle royale game. It offered a new and somewhat refined way to enjoy the new online gaming mode, and while many are still enjoying the game, some have noted that its charms are wearing off. As found by Seeking Alpha, Apex Legends has taken a sharp tumble in Twitch and Google data, with popular streamers moving on from the game. It is still wildly satisfying to play, and given its early success, one would assume that Respawn and Electronic Arts would commission more exciting updates to win back the crowds.

These four online games continue to pit players against each other in grand battles for supremacy, proving that despite major disappointments, new online games do have what it takes to entice the crowds in 2019.

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Last Updated: Apr 27, 2019