The Qualification System for The International 2024

Valve has shared some exciting news about The International 2024 (TI13) - the famous Dota 2 tournament. This year, the event is returning to Europe in September. It will happen at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. The best 16 Dota 2 teams from around the world will compete for the prestigious Aegis of Champions. Want to cheer up for your favorite team and place a bet? One of the best platforms you can find online to bet on esports is GGBet. It offers:

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Valve has decided to bring back the direct invitation system for selecting teams. The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) format that has been used since 2017 is moving away. The DPC system determined which teams qualified based on points, but Valve ended this system after TI12. By returning to direct invitations, Valve is going back to the original way of selecting teams for The International.

This change has created a lot of excitement among Dota 2 fans. Everyone is looking forward to seeing which teams will be invited. As September approaches, the Dota 2 community is getting ready to watch an unforgettable event full of skill, strategy, and determination. At The International 2024, the top teams will compete to prove they are the best.

The International 2024: How Will Teams Qualify?

For TI13, teams will qualify through a multi-step system similar to the early years of the tournament. First, there will be open qualifiers where any team can compete for a place in the regional qualifiers. In these regional qualifiers, teams from around the world will fight for a spot in TI13. Besides these qualifiers, Valve will directly invite some teams based on their excellent performance throughout the year.

The lead-up to TI13 is not just about qualifiers. The competitive season will have grand tournaments. These tournaments will happen in regions such as Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. So, Dota 2 fans worldwide can look forward to high-level gameplay and intense rivalries.

The series of tournaments before TI13 helps teams improve and prepare for the ultimate competition. It gives teams a chance to gain momentum and prove they are strong contenders for the Aegis of Champions. As the Dota 2 community waits for the announcement of the invited teams, the excitement for TI13 keeps growing. 

The qualification system for The International 2024 (TI13) combines open qualifiers, regional qualifiers, and direct invitations to determine the best teams. Open qualifiers give any team a chance to compete, while regional qualifiers feature intense battles among top teams from different parts of the world. Additionally, Valve will invite some teams directly based on their outstanding performance throughout the year. This system guarantees that only the best teams will make it to TI13. Many major tournaments will lead up to the event. So, teams have plenty of opportunities to prove themselves. The excitement in the Dota 2 community is high because everyone looks forward to an unforgettable TI13 which will offer intense competition and captivatingmatches.

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Last Updated: Jun 05, 2024