New Casino in GTA Online

It is an exciting time for Grand Theft Auto fans that have been waiting in anticipation for the opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA online. Rockstar Games have been talking about the addition of a casino to the GTA online platform for quite some time, and many players have eagerly been waiting to hear news of the release. Recently, on the 23rd of July, Rockstar Games announced the release of the GTA casino and the Grand Opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort located in the centre of Los Santos. Players couldn’t wait to start wagering bets in the virtual casino with their hard-earned GTA dollars.

What Games Can You Play at the GTA Casino?

You can play a selection of table and casino games at the Diamond Casino & Resort including roulette, blackjack, and Three Card Poker. There are a few slot machine games on offer for your virtual spinning pleasure which includes titles such as Twilight Knife and Impotent Rage. Some argue that the GTA casino offers the best blackjack to play online, and you can also wager on virtual horse racing by visiting the Inside Track. There are also some great prizes on offer in the Lucky Wheel game where you can upgrade your character with a supercar, clothes and GTA cash prizes.

The new Casino in GTA offers VIP membership. 

GTA VIP Membership

You can also become a VIP member at the Diamond Casino & Resort which will offer you a world of exclusive benefits such as valet parking, helicopter rides and access to the helipad, a free limo service that will take you anywhere in the game, as well as access to the high limit tables and VIP lounge. The only requirement to be eligible for VIP membership is investing in one of the Master Penthouse suites at the Diamond. This may set you back a few GTA dollars, so you may want to upgrade your game and become a high rolling player. Another advantage of investing in a Master Penthouse is that you will gain access to and unlock new missions in the casino business. There are lots of rewards as well as a luxury vehicle on offer for those who choose to unlock this adventure.

Game Currency

You will need to buy casino chips with your GTA money to start playing games in the Diamond Casino. To start placing wagers you first need to sign up as a basic member at the casino which comes with a fee of $500. Most players can easily afford this and you also get 1000 free chips each day as a basic member. This means that you don’t have to spend your GTA cash and can simply enjoy the daily free chips which means that you only have a once-off fee of $500. One chip is equal to one GTA dollar. The maximum amount of chips that can be bought at once is 50,000 which keep an equal playing field for all players. Besides the casino floor itself, the Diamond Casino & Resort has loads of exciting thrills and surprises including social lounges, parties, and even a spa.

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Last Updated: Aug 31, 2019

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