Three Innovative Entertainment Forms Set to Become Popular in Canada in 2023

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The face of Canadian entertainment is constantly evolving into new and ever-different forms. Yet in the past few years, technology has accelerated this curve. New types of entertainment are arriving quicker than before, providing more choices for consumers. Below, we give three online entertainment trends coming to Canada in 2023. 

Live Casino

Live casino is a fairly new phenomenon, which has gained popularity quickly. In standard online casino games, you view a type of video-based table game. Live casino gives you the addition of social interaction, the type you get from a physical casino with real people in it. Games are run not by a computer but by a real croupier, who streams the action direct to a device. Players can watch them deal cards, spin roulette wheels, and give payouts. Those involved can make wagers and decisions using the software provided. In many cases, players can even interact with them via chat functions. 

When it comes to live casino games, you need to make sure you sign up with the right company from the start. You can find them at the top online casinos. The key way to distinguish which ones are worth your time is to check them out based on different factors such as payment methods, customer service and bonuses. This article by lists the best online casinos in Canada, ranked by their opening offers. Getting the right one means you can play with the house's bankroll for a short period. They will also rank them based on the games on offer, so you can see which has the most live game options. 

Live Stream Shopping

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In the golden old days of cable and satellite, television shopping channels were quite a revolutionary thing. People would sit and demonstrate products, talking about how they work and giving the hard sell to the audience. People could then buy the items by phoning up and paying via credit card. These television channels then seemed to lose their popularity, but they didn’t go away entirely. They just evolved. 

The phenomenon of live shopping has been popular for some time in Asia. However, it is now making its way to the west. It works exactly like the aforementioned shopping channels but takes place online. It also comes with all the interactive elements that the internet and social media bring with it. People can talk and discuss products in real-time while viewers field questions. In many cases, special discounts and offers will happen while the show takes place. People can then pay for a product and have it shipped to their address. 

Most of the major players in Canadian online retail and social media have already launched platforms for this. Instagram and Amazon have built their own facilities, and providers such as have arrived to focus solely on the niche. 

Cloud Gaming

The next generation of consoles is already here without disc drives, heralding the demise of discs for play. Yet even the concept of downloading a game to a device may already be outdated with cloud gaming, as it involves streaming the data for games directly to your console or PC as you play. launched its service in 2019 and though progress has been slow, major titles like Fortnite are already available. While it cannot provide the immersive, huge world you may find in bigger games, its capacity will increase shortly, and cloud gaming will become the norm.

By no means is this an exhaustive list and it may also be the case that these take longer to grow in popularity than expected. However, it is inevitable they are on the way and for the public, it means the choice of entertainment on offer can only get better. 

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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2023