Top 5 Highest Paying Slot Games

Online slot games have quickly become some of the most played games in the world. The popularity of this type of online game has gone through the roof due to several factors. Firstly, huge technological advancements which have allowed players to play video slots on their mobile devices. Slots players are now able to play their favourite games on-the-go from wherever they are in the world, if they have a secure and reliable internet connection. Secondly, development companies of slots games now have huge resources with which to invest. For example, the top slots companies such as NetEnt have been able to attract developers from AAA video game companies such as Rockstar Games. As a greater number of development companies are established, the greater the world of online slots becomes as companies look to out manoeuvre one another and offer their games to online casinos.

This year has witnessed a bumper number of slot game releases, from branded video slots based on movies to slots with huge payouts of up to 100,000x the original stake. Therefore, we have decided to take a closer look at the slot games which, theoretically, offer prospective slots players the largest opportunities to win big. For research purposes, we have used the SlotsHawk guide to the best paying slot games as our main resource.

Mayan Wild Mystery

When Stake Logic released the Mayan Wild Mystery slot game, they did it with the intention of creating one of the highest paying ever made. Put simply, Mayan Wild Mystery offers potential wins of 125,000x the stake. Of course, this is no easy feat to achieve, and many players won’t trigger such a win. However, just ensuring the opportunity to win such a huge sum is enough to attract casino players.

Mayan Wild Mystery is without a doubt one of the top online slot games to play.

Dead or Alive 2

Arguably NetEnt’s most famous slot game of all time, Dead or Alive 2 can be played at pretty every online casino site in the United Kingdom and for good reason: it offers players 100,000x their stake! This game is based on the wild west and, although it was released several years ago now, remains one of the most popular video slots ever.

The graphics are also decent for a game released over a decade ago and the features include free spins, multipliers and a fun bonus game.

Rome: The Golden Age

Released this year, Rome: The Golden Age an incredible 100,000x the stake as well as a fresh and sharp Ancient Roman theme. Once again, NetEnt are the developers behind this game, a game which has seen its rights bought up by all of the top casino brands online. Although the features are good, we really love the graphics too, with renaissance statues accompanying the reels.

Don’t be surprised if Rome: The Golden Age is voted as the slot game of the year.

Buffalo King

Pragmatic Play released Buffalo King back in 2019 to a somewhat mixed reception. Basically, the only positive this game has is its high payout of 93,750x, other than that, Buffalo Kings lacks a lot of modern slot features which its competitors have. In addition, the graphics are, to put it bluntly, atrocious.

With that being said, Buffalo King remains popular due to its large winning potential and is still seen as one of the best slots for winning.


Another brand-new slot game released in 2021, Chocolates is brought to us by Australian development company, Big Time Gaming. As you would expect by the title, this is a game themed around different types of chocolate! It is played on a 4x4 grid and offers 256 paylines that give the opportunity to win 65,536x your bet.

Chocolates is actually the sequel to Big Time Gaming’s first food themed slot, Donuts.

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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2021