Below you will find the top five steam free-to-play games for December 2014. This holiday season, when budgets get tight, and you're looking for some way to make it through the month without giving GabeN more of your hard earned money, then look no further than  these games: 

#5 Neverwinter 

Neverwinter just got a new expansion and it's time to delve back in. Even if you explored this game before, it's time to take another look as Rise of Tiamat adds in some additional quests, zones, and additional path options for Scourge Warlocks. If you haven't tried Neverwinter yet, then what are you waiting for? 

Neverwinter is a super fun casual MMO where you can go as far as to create your own custom maps that other players can play through. While it had somewhat of a rocky start, development has continued and you should definitely check it out. 

#4 Path of Exile 

This keeps making my top five steam free-to-play titles because it's basically what Diablo 3 should have been, but wasn't (not that isn't a bad thing, per se, but it's a very faithful to the Diablo model). If Torchlight's cartoony graphics or even price tag has you down and you're wanting to break your mouse clicking (don't worry I already have), then this is the game for you. 

The recent Forsaken Master expansion launched somewhat recently, giving players ways to modify their hideouts and recruit masters, additional content to extend the life of the game. So if you haven't checked it out recently, you should. 1.3 is also coming soon, so that's another thing to be aware of.

#3 Warframe / Team Fortress 2 

So do you like pure streamlined shooting monsters dead with your awesome guns and don't want to pickup a console or Destiny? Warframe is the game for you. Likewise, if you want to get some good 'ol multiplayer going, TF2 is always shelf stable for fun. However, neither game can really rise to the top of this list because they both are sort of one dimensional with just a single thing to do. 

In Warframe that's walk forward and shoot enemies that spawn in various randomly generated rooms with or without allies. In TF2, it's well trying to keep your hands from reaching deep into your pockets to hand over money for hats, or well, just playing an aging deathmatch game. 

#2 Firefall 

This game is actually really fun to play even if you consider it more of a single player game. Just wander around the world actively doing things, killing NPCs, flying around on gliders... it's all rather fun and exciting, not to mention how you can easily change your specific "class" on the go. It's a really fun timewaster, even if you put a weekend into it, you'll still walk away rather happy I think. 

While it might not be a permnant this is the game I want to play the rest of my life, if you do want something like that, try Rift. It's always the go-to MMO when it comes to happy times. 


#1 Marvel Heroes Universe 2015 

This game is amazingly fun, exciting, and cool. While Path of Exile is a great arpg, MHU 2015 is like a new kind of arpg. It has all of the same mechanics, waypoints, clicking until your fingers bleed, etc. but it also includes an IP and story (hail hydra) that pulls it all together, in addition to a wide range of heroes (ahem classes), simple interface, and expansive list of content to work through plus like PoE it has a fair enough shop where you can earn hero unlocks without having to spend money. 

What isn't there to love? A game that has a single player campaign as strong as any regular game, in addition to some very strong gameplay and tight graphics. For the price of free, you can't beat it. 

That's my last top 5 for the year, let's see what the next year brings us! 

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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