Top 8 Casino Games You Should Play During Covid-19


The previous year and the entire situation with the Covid-19 pandemic left the entire world in a shambles. Many people lost their jobs, others were moved to work from home and the entire world seemed to have turned upside down.

With suddenly more free time on their hands, many people started looking for new ways to keep themselves entertained. That’s how the world of online gambling suddenly became even more popular than it previously was. With plenty of different types of casino games and numerous titles to choose from, people begun exploring various ways they can kill some time while enjoying different titles. Here are top 8 most popular online casino games you should definitely check out.


Poker is arguably one of the most popular casino card game. That’s why every casino – either online or land-based – has this popular game in their offer. What’s more, players nowadays have the commodity to choose among many different types of poker and find the variant that matches their playstyle the most. That being said, the most well-known and still the most popular type of poker is the so-called Texas Hold’em. If you too enjoy playing poker, make sure you browse the online offer and see which game alternative suits your playing style the most.


Roulette is another popular casino game that can nowadays be easily found in an online format as well. What’s more, since online roulette games rely on RNG (random number generator) the fear of the roulette table being rigged are reduced to zero. That’s why more and more online casino visitors decide to try their luck with online roulette, knowing that the chances of winning are somewhat higher than they are in land-based casinos. Therefore, if you too like roulette – or if you’ve always wanted to try it out but you never had the chance – check the online offer, decide on the number and choose between red and black.


Although not as popular as poker, blackjack is another game that has quite a sizable fanbase. As someone once said, “you either love or hate blackjack”. This exciting cards game is also present online and different alternatives can easily be found with just a few clicks of a button. Even though the rules of this game are quite simple, not many people prefer this playstyle when it comes to casino games. However, those who do can rest assured knowing that they can easily find this amazing game in the majority of online casinos.

Slot games

There are numerous different types of casino games many people seem to enjoy quite a bit. But arguably one of the most popular game types of all times is slot games. Online slots nowadays are entirely more appealing and engaging than their land-based alternatives ever were. So, if you’ve ever spun the reel in a land-based casino and enjoyed the experience – brace yourself. The number of online casino slot games you’ll be able to choose from is seemingly infinite, so you should have no difficulties finding a game – or games – you’ll absolutely enjoy.


Even though it may seem like craps is one of the casino games that would be somewhat difficult to translate to the online world, the reality is entirely opposite. Just like with all the previously-mentioned games, you can easily find craps online. Not only that but some would actually argue that online craps are infinitely more engaging and entertaining than their land-based alternatives. So, instead of taking anyone’s word for it, check them out yourself and see what others are talking about.


Keno is quite a simple game that has very simple rules. Here, a player should pick numbers – or cards – in advance. Then the dealer – or in case of online casinos, software – picks certain numbers and shows them to the rest of the players. If the player manages to match some – or all – of their numbers (cards) to those chosen by the dealer, they win the prizes that’s based on the number of matches. Even though this game is super easy to play, that doesn’t make it any less popular – on the contrary!


Even though the rules of baccarat are not super easy to understand and not everyone enjoys this game, that doesn’t mean that the game itself is not super fun and popular. Needless to say, this is another casino game you can easily find online. With amazing visuals, interesting themes and quite an engaging gameplay, online baccarat games managed to reach even greater success than their offline variants.


Last but not least, we have bingo. As one of the oldest games of chance, it’s no surprise that bingo managed to make its way online. There’s probably no need to explain how this game works as chances are you’ve tried it at least once in your life. Aside from all the standard things that follow this game, online players will also have the chance to chat and hang out with other bingo players, which is another reason the online alternatives of this ever-so-popular game hold such a reputation.


Just because the world suddenly turned upside down last year, that doesn’t mean that things won’t get back to normal eventually. And just because people were suddenly unable to visit their local, land-based casinos doesn’t mean they were left with no other options. Instead, the entertainment opportunities that can be found online offered them even more options not only to have some fun but potentially even win big, with just a bit of luck on their side.

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Last Updated: Jul 08, 2021