Few could have predicted the incredible evolution of the mobile gaming industry. In little over a decade, mobile games have gone from simple structures with basic 2D graphics and limited complexity, to incredibly rich platforms, complete with eye-popping HD graphics, 3D animation and intricately detailed storylines and objectives.

Here’s a great example to illustrate the point. NoodleCake Studios is one of the top mobile gaming design studios in the world, and has produced a slew of incredible games for both Android and iOS operating systems. Their crowning achievement, thus far, has been their Alto series, which includes Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey. 

The key to a successful mobile game is simplicity, particularly in how you get to control the action or content within the game itself. 

Alto is a little animated character, a snowboarder/sandboarder to be more precise. The objective of the game is guide (control) Alto as he/she skis their way down massive sand dunes, all the while completing back flips and grinding off rocks and other hidden objects. 

The games graphics are superb, beautifully rendered, complete with gorgeous transitions from day to night and an incredible soundtrack to boot. But what really enhances the stunning graphics and gameplay, is its simplicity. There is very little to get confused about here, and everything can be controlled with one-handed tapping. 

Reminds us of many of the fantastic mobile slots that have been popping up in Google Play and App Store recently. The cool thing with many of these mobile slot games, is that you can play them for free. 

Social slot games are great for passing the time on your mobile device and hanging out with friends, since most of them include a social media instant chat feature. You don’t have to worry about paying to play since these are essentially ‘freemium’ games. All you need do to move up levels and unlock new games or features is to win coins by competing various tasks within the games.

Of course, if you do feel like spicing things up a bit and playing for some real money, there are plenty of great pay by mobile casino sites that offer the very latest in mobile slots and casino games. Now, we’re not talking about your dad’s old Nokia 3310 blackjack game here, we’re talking about cutting edge HD digital casino games that look and feel like the real thing. 

If you’re the type of person that likes to keep their ear to the ground and their finger on the pulse of fashion, you’ll probably already be ahead of the curve in the mobile casino gaming trend. Mobile casino games including video slots, live dealer tables and other casino games (bingo anyone?) are, perhaps for the first time, ranking right up there with the Asphalt 9’s, EA Sports, and other trendy mobile games this year. 

So why not mix it up a bit in 2019? Especially considering that many of the newest mobile casinos employ a few great gamification elements into their platform, bringing them much closer to the sort of mobile games you may already be used to.

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Last Updated: Sep 09, 2019

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