Top Poker Players Beaten by AI Creation

You’ve probably all heard of claims made by AI bots in the last decade or two, but few have actually had much substance to them. Is that about to change, have we finally found one that is worth paying attention to? We have a new AI bot, named Pluribus, and a quick glance at the results so far is certainly cause to sit up and take notice.

This AI bot, the latest of its kind, plays poker, which is certainly not the easiest topic to aim at when making an AI bot. The bot is said to be good enough to beat the very best Texas Hold’em players in the world thanks to the advanced technology inside. There is a lot of money in poker, so naturally a lot of interest, at the recent 2019 World Series of Poker Final the first prize was $10,000,000, showing just how high the stakes are.  

Therefore, anyone with the technology that this AI Bot has is in line to profit a substantial amount of money. The bot uses self-play as a method of learning how to win, with no human input in terms of guidance and strategies, something that is said to be key here. The bot works out everything needed, and uses that information to not only use human strategies, but to be better than them and know how to beat them, and so far it has been very successful in doing that.

Why Have We Not Had a Bot Like This Before?

We have seen AI Bots struggle against humans in the past, so what makes this one different? The simple reason is because of how it approaches the game of poker, which is from a completely different angle. Poker has hidden information that no one in the game knows about, whether you are human or a bot. This prevents the bot from having a strategy, they don’t know what is coming next in the game, what the other players are and if attacking or defending is the best way to go when it comes to their next move on the table.

The Pluribus bot searches ahead to work out the next few moves instead of having a full game strategy. This allows it to change during the gamer based on what is happening, and with faster self-play algorithms built in specifically for games like poker, this is what sets this bot apart from the rest we have seen before.

What Does the Future Hold?

The great thing about this bot is the possibilities that it will open up in the future. If we have a bot that can crack something as difficult as poker and beat the best humans in the world, this technology can be used for much more.

The gaming market is huge at the moment, and there is every chance that technology like this will find its way into that sector. eSports are booming right now, with titles such as Destiny 2 showing that this market is rapidly improving in two areas, people playing it at home and eSports as a professional sport becoming huge business.

As eSports continue to thrive, gaming moves closer to the gambling sector, an area that has had a strong relationship in the past with AI. People are always looking for ways to get an advantage, could we see people developing AI bots to enter online leagues and tournaments with the hope of winning them and taking the big prize pools that are on offer?

Gamblers will certainly be interested in this, as it could pave the future as far as eSports gambling goes. The bookmakers listed at will also have a keen interest, one of the most important aspects of being a new bookmaker is keeping up to date with information and trends so punters don’t have the upper hand.

These bookmakers all have betting offer new account holders can take advantage of when signing up with them, to give your new account a boost from the start with free bets and bonus funds. A combination of account offers like these that are available and the chance to bet on AI bots to beat real humans, or indeed the other way around if you are not convinced by the technology, will certainly help eSports betting become even more popular that it already is.

We have seen a new AI bot take the poker world by storm, but that is not the only area where we could see technology like this thrive. The Pluribus bot for now plays poker, and beats the very best humans on offer, is it only a matte of time before someone uses the advancements in technology to create an AI bot to do the same in the gaming world?

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Last Updated: Nov 19, 2019