This year at E3 we got a chance to check out the Action RPG Torchlight which is being created by Runic Games. The story of Runic Games is important as it all began way back in the old Blizzard North days. Blizzard North was the team responsible for the Diablo games way back and has since folded into Blizzard’s main studio in California. Parts of the team broke up and formed Flagship Studios which was working on several games, one of which was the game Mythos. Mythos made it to beta but was never released openly; it currently lies in the hands of developer HanbitSoft. More importantly Runic games remains growing and is working hard on Torchlight which captures the charm of the Diablo style as well as bring some new elements of game play to fans of the genre. If that is not enough, after the single player game is launched, the company plans to launch an MMO later on set in the same game world.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016