[December 22] Hello! If you're coming here looking for the edit for the AMA transcription, well, that ended up being around 2400 words! Rather than drown this feature here, please head on over to this brand spankin' new post for the transcription, overview and all the good stuff. Thanks again to everyone who came out!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Trials of Ascension AMA! It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to this event that has been some time in the making. Be sure to have the Ten Ton Hammer Twitch channel up as well, which is where you'll hear your questions asked to the developers. Before we begin with the AMA, though, the devs from Forged Chaos will be showing off some exclusive content from Trials of Ascension that no one outside of their office has seen yet! Are you stoked? I'm totally stoked! As soon as this article goes live, you can begin asking your questions in the comments section below! After the devs finish showing us around the demo, we'll begin asking them your questions. 

If you didn't get here in time to participate, this article will be edited later with the questions, the answers, and a recording of the stream. Cheers everyone, and welcome to the Trials of Ascension AMA!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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