We Still Love Realm of Valor

Just because we want to open up our gaming options does not mean that we do not love Realm of Valor. As it is easily available on Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch, it has become a widely loved game across Asian countries outside of mainland China.

In fact, this massive online battle arena (MOBA) game really showed that MOBA games could do well on mobile devices as well. For this alone, Realm of Valor will always have a special place in our hearts.

We offer these alternatives to those who really love Realm of Valor as they are similar, also on mobile devices, and offer something that Realm of Valor may not. They can be additions to your gaming routine, rather than replacements.

Thailand Has High Ratio of Gamers

Gaming is extremely popular around the world, but especially in ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) countries. This is according to a recent global gaming survey, which found that nearly four out of every five Thais are gamers–this is the highest level among ASEAN countries.

Other top gaming countries include Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Another interesting fact is that women gamers have nearly the same percentage as their male counterparts. While 84% of Thai men surveyed said they were gamers, 82% of women made the same claim.

This is one reason Thailand is such a center for Realm of Valor. The second and third Arena of Valor International Championships (AIC) were held in Thailand in 2018 and 2019. The Realm of Valor League in Thailand is one of the most important and respected internationally. This is part of a larger mobile gaming culture in Thailand.

Mobile is king when it comes to Thai gaming. And in fact, these gamers tend to be fairly dedicated to their craft. Sixty-four percent of Thai gamers said they played between one and ten hours per week.

Looking for Something More Real-World?

Realm of Valor is not a very realistic game. Not at all. This is part of what we love about it. Escapism is part of it. But sometimes we want to feel the connection to a real life setting, so things can feel more concrete.

You can try online casinos. To get started, you should read reviews and guides of the best online casinos in Thailand. Many of them will even have live dealers. The reviews here are in Thai, and will cover all the most important aspects of an online casino: bonuses, identity protection, deposit methods, games available, and more! If you are looking for online casinos in Asia, these expert reviews will help guide you to the right spot.

This sort of real-life action can be a welcome break from the pure fantasy of Realm of Valor. It is good to mix it up! Many of these casinos will be available in your mobile device as well.

Looking to Expand into more Esports

Esports are a huge and growing industry. Everyday it seems that new gaming celebrities get sponsorships and access to competition purses that are larger every day.

Sometimes we want more of the same, but bigger! League of Legends is very similar to Realm of Valor, in a few important aspects, with the main difference being that League of Legends is arguably the world’s most popular video game.

Like Realm of Valor, it is also a massive online battle royale game. It is also a huge game in the esports world, only even bigger. They are also both available to play on mobile devices.

 If you are starting to feel like a big fish in a little tank, it might be time to jump into League of Legends where the competition-and the prizes will be even bigger!

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Last Updated: May 23, 2022