More and more limitations have been put in place to ensure that gambling content is directed to the right person in an effort to reduce the spread of the news to those who may not need it. Valve has come open and clear in the way they want gambling sponsorship to be handled. 

This is a move to ensure that fair gaming practices are adhered mainly to protect the vulnerable groups. Valve has sharply criticized two of the Dota 2 teams for accepting gambling sponsorship citing that this may lead to a number of conflicts of interest in the Premier League. 

Further instructions have been shared among the affected teams and it will mean more directions have been put in place to ensure the old existing contracts are well catered for. The move shall have some significant effect on the gambling companies as they shall be forced to explore other marketing means for their products.

The Ethical Conflict between Valve and Gambling

Valve has decided to lock out gambling in its activities as the main risk being the overgrowing prevalence of gambling-related activities in the premier league. In a way, people will be entirely concentrated on gambling-related activities instead of following up on the match. 

This makes it difficult for the league to effectively reach out to many of its fans. The increased conflict of interest is what has directed Valve corporation in its decision to completely ban gambling sponsorships in the premier league matches. The 2015 incident during the tournament could be one of the greatest factors contributing to this complete ban on gambling sponsorships. 

It was the year when there was a match-fixing in one of the tournament matches thereby disadvantaging football lovers. The move has negatively affected the good relationship that has been there between gambling and football.

Old Deals will Continue Existing

Teams have been completely banned from accepting gambling sponsorship, the great advice originated from Valve who have argued that the influence of gambling sponsorship has really spread making it more of gambling than a football match. Also, with the appearance of casino sites that are not on Gamstop the problem gambling issue has its own influence. However, Valve has come out clearly on the contracts that had been previously signed before the ban was imposed. 

For those who had already entered into the contract, their case shall be different in a way they will have to ensure they adhere to the terms of the contract until it comes to an end. It has further made it clear that no other contracts shall be signed due to the ban. This is their view that will help Valve control the type of advertisements going to their fans. 

It also came out clear that no further deals or contracts can be signed until further notice. This will open out innovations in gambling as marketing is key to the general development of the new game which is also turning out to be an e-sport type. The ongoing deals shall be completely terminated the day the contract shall be coming to an end. 

Valve has seen it wise to control the sponsorship just to ensure that the interest of both parties are well protected and adhered to. If this could not be controlled early enough then the possibility of more adverse effects could be so high.


Gambling is turning to be an e-sport of its kind and therefore its activities should be well managed so as the sport may move to better standards with efficient modes of advertisement and marketing. As Dota 2 has a lot of children fans and they may be involved in gambling this ban has more advantages for players. It shall be however important to strategize on the new innovative ways of marketing gambling as a sport in this way, it shall have a better ground to explore more markets.



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Last Updated: Mar 30, 2020