Video game inspired slots

If you can´t get enough of your favorite game, it is nowadays easy to continue playing even outside your home on your mobile phone. 

Why not try to play slots at casinos for a change? Many of these games are influenced by some of the most popular video games we love!

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·   Street fighter II, multiplayer and bosses

At 1991 Street Fighter II was released to the world as an arcade game. Within three years over 25 million Americans had played the game. The popularity of the game just kept on, and new versions kept coming to home computers. From Ataris floppydiscs and Commodore 64´s diskettes in 1994 to XBOX1 and Nintendo Switch in 2018.

One of the biggest game developers for casino games, NETENT got a slot version of the game that is making the Street Fighter II enthusiast nostalgic and warm. You can play alone or in a multiplayer version and beat your opponents and in the end the boss. All characters and symbols are familiar to the Street Fighter fan.

·   Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil has been a series of popular games in the horror genre for many years. In 2012 came the sixth game to its fans, at the same time did Skywind release a slot game with the same time theme and name.  

You will recognize the characters, environment and music. The screen is split and on the top part of the screen you will se clips from the movie and game. All together it gives the player a similar feeling as the video game.

·   Call of Duty 4

Since the first version of Call of Duty came out to the gamers in 2012 it has been one of the biggest talks. Cryptologic who is the company that developed Call of Duty 4started already in 1996 in Ireland and the casino game entered the market in 2013.

As a fan of the movie and the video game the eye of the beholder won´t be sore, most of the visuals are really good. The sound effects of machineguns and bombs leave a lot to ask for though. But there is a bonus where you can double your win up to five times and the task is to shoot enemies. Something the skilled players are good at.

·   Tomb Raider

Is Tomb Raider the game that has lasted the longest on the list of long-lived games? First edition was out 1996 and after that there has been 17 versions. The first movie based on the game came out in 2000 and after that two more has hit the cinemas.

There are three games in the slot sections at the casinos, all three are developed by UK- based Microgaming. And as always, they produce high standard on their games, even though the older ones might feel a bit out of date or nostalgic if you wish.


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Last Updated: Jun 18, 2022