Virtual Board Room Software Comparison & Review - Which One is Right For You?

The market for virtual room software is growing and expanding rapidly, with new products appearing regularly. Demand is also growing: more and more companies prefer to manage their documentation and workflow using virtual board software. If you too are considering such a product for your organization, a brief comparison of the most popular boards might be helpful. You can also find more information at

​iDeals Board

This board management software is deservedly considered one of the best. It is equipped with a full range of features that you  might need for hosting meetings and scheduling tasks. The board allows you to schedule meetings, manage calendar events, organize meetings of various nature and purpose, organize online collaboration and manage decisions with tools such as polling, voting, resolution management, and decision tracking.

Benefits of iDeals Board include dynamic updating of tasks and documents, the ability to convert meeting decisions a into task format, cascade actions with subtasks and leave comments on them, the ability to broadcast the meeting online and make a recording as well as the possibility of monitoring the progress of tasks and collecting statistics.

Thanks to its many features, the iDeals Board is logical and intuitive, requires no prior training, and is easy to learn for all participants.

​Nasdaq Boardvantage

This board portal software is among the most popular in the United States due to its wide range of features, intuitive interface, and ease of use. Nasdaq Boardvantage offers users features such as:

  • electronic signature;
  • tools to work together;
  • the ability to download and     store files;
  • commenting on files.

Nasdaq Boardvantage is an excellent tool for handling documents, including confidential ones. The software uses the latest data protection and encryption technology, and its rich functionality allows you to comment, edit and forward documents, minimizing paperwork.


This tool is designed for communication, analytics and document sharing, perfect for companies of all sizes and orientations. Board features are available to registered members, such as

  • electronic signature;
  • commenting on files;
  • scheduling meetings;
  • calendar management;
  • agenda management;
  • votes and polls;          
  • task management.

Diligent is distinguished by a simple interface and navigation, security (two-factor authentication, strong encryption, ability to store documents in a virtual meeting room without third-party access), convenience, accessibility, and reliability.


BoardEffect is a convenient and practical paperless meeting solution that combines all the basic functions you need. It is a cloud-based meeting room that allows you to hold virtual meetings, exchange documents and track the progress of your tasks.

Among the benefits of BoardEffect:

  • affordable price. This is one of the main selling points for this product - it is one of the most affordable on the market and saves you a lot on running the business;
  • maximum security and safety. BoardEffect uses the latest information security methods, allowing you to work with confidential documents without fear of leakage;
  • ease of use. The board's intuitive interface makes it quick to learn its functionality, and the simplicity and logic of its construction makes it suitable for almost any company's tasks;
  • a user-friendly mobile app. This is another impressive benefit of BoardEffect; thanks to the mobile version, you can view the board and manage your data anytime,    anywhere.


What makes this platform special is that it is considered ideal for non-profit organizations. Boardable has a wide range of tools for working with documents: electronic signature, creating and customizing templates, editing and commenting, and much more. It also allows you to hold online meetings, conduct and manage surveys, plan upcoming events, and share documents.

Boardable also has a mobile app available for Android and iOS: users can always stay in touch with it.

An interesting feature of Boardable is the ability to easily and seamlessly integrate third-party services with data merging. So, for example, you can merge data from Google and Excel spreadsheets. This allows you to organize and structure the documentation.

gTips for choosing a board portal 

When choosing software for an online board meeting you need to understand what you are choosing it for. What size is your organization? Is it a commercial or not-for-profit organization? How many people attend the meetings and what is commonly discussed? Software should be purchased based on the immediate needs of the organization. You should also consider the following factors in making your selection:

  • security. This is the first thing to think about. The whiteboard should protected as much as possible;
  • set of tools for managing meetings. The platform should contain the bare minimum, such as conference and recording tools, voting and polling, a task manager, and so on;
  • simple user interface. Keep in mind that the platform will be used by a variety of people, including those who are not in the technical field - they need to be comfortable navigating the platform as well;
  • availability of a free trial version. It is a good idea to be able to test the platform before you buy it.

A careful and responsible choice of the virtual board will save you a lot of time and effort in your work.

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Last Updated: Jan 28, 2023