New Realm Brings Double Experience

The official site for Voyage Century Online brings us more news today. This time with a note about their new realm.

In order to celebrate the launch of Da Gama Server, we will host a ceremonious Double Experience Event from Jan.4th to Jan.8th.

For the novice, level-up is a hard and painstaking long-term process. Everyone likes getting doublue the result with half the effort. So, during the joyous event, we official give such a good chance for the novice to boost levels in shortest time.

During this five-day event, you will gain double experience when you upgrade. Do you want to become stronger, realize your untrammeled dream? The double experience event will must be a surge of joy. Doesn't it? Just come and jump in the new realm. Voyage Century is waiting for you.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016