With the impending launch of Need for Speed World coming closer, Ten Ton Hammer wanted to get some insight into the game. To that end, we found John Doyle, Senior Producer, in his massive garage building cars that aren’t exactly street legal. After some minor keying of a Porsche, John Doyle agreed to talk to us.

TTH: What is your favorite aspect of the game? What do you think that everybody will look forward to the most?

John Doyle: Right now, the racing is fantastic. With the power-ups system we have, it makes the races action packed, and the races are very close. I’ve been running a ton in the beta and I always seemed to be grouped against people of a similar level with similar cars and similar skills. All the races are coming down to the wire, so even if I finish fourth out of eight, it’s a ton of fun because it’s so close the whole race.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016