Warhammer Online may have had a PR nightmare with the recent billing snafu, but that hasn't slowed the team at Mythic down in their pursuit to revamp city RvR. In his latest Developer's Diary, Content Developer Keaven Freeman lays out the changes to the city RvR system in Warhammer. To make the battles feel more epic, cities was redesigned from scratch, adding in certain new objectives that must be accomplished before a city can be captured. Certain PvE elements have been merged with RvR objectives with the intention of making battles more strategic.

One of the more interesting features are the changes to the King's interaction with players. When the the two Kings join in battle, they will look to those around him for support. At that time, a select few individuals will be granted the status of Champions of the King. This issues a blessing to the selected players, making them the King's chosen and providing them with a new-found power that will make their actions the key to the outcome of final conflict.

Seeing the players ready to serve, they issue their blessings to a select few; to those most deserving, or those most capable, the Kings infuse power above and beyond anything they may have experienced before. These player Champions become the key in this final conflict – how they fight, and how they lead the rest of their comrades, will directly shape the outcome of the King Fight.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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