What Is The Future Of Mobile Operating Systems

Times are changing, and so are needs and necessities. As we march forward, technology is advancing at the same time but a much faster pace. It has made an impact on almost all the sectors that you come across in your everyday lives. Technology has not stopped yet; it is still evolving. It has taken healthcare to the next level by implementing ways and means to serve people better. If you look at mobile gaming, technology has brought land-based amusements, such as free slot games for fun, to your fingertips.

So, you see, technology's contribution has been immense towards shaping the world we live in today. There is also an ongoing fierce battle with this sector to prove who is the best. It leads to innovations, and as such, it is the people who are benefitting from it. The bygone year has witnessed a rapid rise in mobile and internet usage. The numbers are only increasing and are hinting at the future of the tech market.

In the sections below, we will discuss what is the mobile operating system all about, and we will also look into its various aspects. So, without further ado, let's move forward.

What Are Mobile Operating Systems?

All the mobile devices you operate, such as your mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc., run on software known as the mobile operating system (OS). It allows you to access applications that you can operate on these devices. Simultaneously, these OS are hardware-specific, meaning that a particular operating system will only work on a specified device.

Whatever features you can experience with your modern devices are due to its operating systems. It lets you experience good graphics, security, and performance that you enjoy. These OS are further developing as developers all over the world are trying to make something new and useful each day. Tech is moving towards the internet of things (IoT) to make things modernized and robust, with centralized power.

There are various types of operating systems, but iOS and Android users make the majority. In the section below, we will look into the iOS vs Android sphere and mobile operating systems' prospects.


iOS is the operating system that operates on Apple devices. It is one of the most common systems worldwide. It was launched in 2007, and the latest version was released in 2018. Apple has three systems based on it - the iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS. When using this operating system, you can gain access to a plethora of applications that have a billion downloads. 

iOS is evolving rapidly, and designers are not keeping calm in bringing the best experience to its ever-increasing users. It is emphasizing on improving tools and establishing a sound developer support system.


On the other hand, Android is a Google product that was brought into the market in 2008. The first OS was named Astro, and the latest, which was released in 2018, is called the Pie. Android, too, has thousands of applications for kids, fitness, to finance. This system boasts of having the most extensive base of users in the entire world.

In the 2018 edition, it has made a lot of changes perfecting the flaws of the past. From enhancement in performance to notifications upgrade. Some of the things that have a high probability of shaping the future are:

● 3D Scanning

● Android Payments

● Multi-Screen Capabilities

● Indoor Positioning System

● Android Payments

● Li-Fi

Trends To Look For In Operating Systems In Years To Come

As the various operating systems move ahead with time, there are a few developments that you need to watch out for in the years to come. We have listed a few of them for your better understanding.

● OS With Developed Ecosystem

With such a vast number of smartphone users, devices are continually attempting to connect. However, these systems have not developed to stage yet, providing a single platform to synchronize. The future operating systems can help in this aspect to offer users an enhanced experience. As such, you can expect a better platform for sharing and connecting devices. In other words, the future holds a robust and ever-increasing ecosystem.

● Augmented Reality

Augmented has started seeping into our everyday lives. Though operating systems have begun to implement it in various sectors, the most impacted one is the online gaming industry. With the incorporation of modern technology, gamers can get the feel of a gaming zone at their fingertips with only a few clicks. For instance, with augmented reality, free slot machines with bonus rounds are the new favorite for gamblers. The experience they can enjoy makes them glued to their mobile devices.

● Ideal Platform For App Developers

Developing applications for various operating systems are becoming a trend already. As technology moves forward, OS is turning into an ideal platform for developers to showcase their talents. With it, the race to beat the competitors remains alive among tech companies. It is a win-win situation for both parties. In the future, OS will prove to be an even better ground for such objectives. With no two minds having the same capacity, you can only expect to experience the best from this development.

● Connecting World With Apps

Operating systems are making ways to retain their customers in their services. In doing so, OSs are taking help from artificial intelligence (AI) and technologies, such as face detection. With further development in time, people will gain access to a better platform to connect socially to a corner of the world rather than rely on specific applications. In the days to come, finding people, staying in touch, and caring for them is no longer taxing.

● Performance

As the world is leveling up in the digital era, users are running short of time and demand quick and swift results. No one wants to wait for even a few minutes to get their things done. So, they mostly prefer operating systems and applications that deliver a good performance. The future of mobile operating systems heavily relies on enhancing their performance, and you can definitely expect to see an upwards trend in it.

● Security

There is no denying that with developing technology, malware and fraud are on the rise, too. These pose a massive threat to users' privacy and data compromise. Operating systems are doing their best to ensure that security is their priority. A lot of technology is being implemented to safeguard users' sensitive information and enhance the overall security system. In the years to come, you can expect an OS that is highly secured and will only evolve with time. 

Final Thoughts

So, you see, the future of mobile operating systems is very bright. It has a lot in store for you and other users. These are only a fragment of what technology holds in the future. You can expect a lot of newer innovations and technology that you might not have even heard of until today. Experts and developers are always at work, attempting their best to offer users the ultimate experience in any aspect of their encounter with OS. We hope we have helped you have a fair understanding of what you should look out for in the years to come.


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Last Updated: Mar 04, 2021