What Makes a Game More Desirable to Watch Live?

As gaming technology gets more advanced and titles are made with online play in mind, developers have to make their games desirable to a viewer as well as a player. There are longstanding titles that have been traditionally enjoyed as a live spectator experience, and others that are emerging now thanks to the growing eSports scene.

Games that Have Traditionally Been Enjoyed Live

In the pre-internet days, there were a number of games that were designed to be watched by a crowd of onlookers. Having numerous eyes on the game added to the excitement, and allowed more people to feel involved. The main games that encouraged this type of spectatorship were pinball offerings, casino tables, and arcade machines. When each of these moved to an online setting, developers tried to recreate this experience.

The online casino sector has done this successfully by offering live table games that can be played or observed by a multitude of people. At Mount Gold, for instance, players can take part in or watch classic spectator options like roulette and blackjack, along with newer options such as Crazy Time and Monopoly. With regards to the communal nature of arcade games, streaming sites like Twitch have helped to recreate the viewer experience online.

What are the Most-Watched Games on Twitch?

Looking at the most-watched games on Twitch can give an idea about the elements that make a title a desirable live viewing prospect. A couple of the most-watched games on the platform are Fortnite and League of Legends. The games racked up 94 million and 91 million viewing hours respectively in December, and were only beaten by longstanding MMORPG behemoth, World of Warcraft.

The Epic Games and Riot Games offerings have climbed to the top thanks to the growing eSports industry, which is attracting more viewers every year. The main things that these games have in common are that they include high octane action, teamwork, battles, and strategy. It takes a high amount of skill for players to become successful, and this can make for exciting viewing.

Why Do People Like to Watch These Games?

With casino table games, it’s easy to see the appeal for spectators. They get to watch other people risking money on a random outcome, without having the fear of losing anything themselves. However, when a win comes off, it’s easy for the surrounding people to share in the ensuing euphoria.

With competitive gaming titles that require high levels of skill, such as LoL and Fortnite, it could be compared to watching traditional sports. At these events, the viewer can enjoy the thrills of the battle, but also gain pleasure from cheering on their favorite team or player.

When it comes to the live viewing of games, it is clear that the main thing they all have in common is excitement. Viewers can gain enjoyment from the risks, strategy, and skills on display, and also derive pleasure from cheering the players on to success.

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Last Updated: Aug 04, 2021