What Steps Are Live Casino Games Taking to Build on Their Success?

It's impossible to say that live casino games haven’t revolutionized the gaming industry. Before they came around, users didn’t have the same authentic gameplay features, and establishments weren’t as lucrative as a result. Now, online casinos are dominating the industry because they can provide a life-like experience to customers who don’t have to leave their homes.  

But these virtual offerings can’t rest on their laurels and expect to remain at the top of the tree. Developers and providers must take the experience to the next level if they are going to cement their hard work. As fans, you’ll be happy to hear the steps are already in progress.  

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Adding to a Winning Formula  

If it isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it. Live casino platforms live by this motto because they believe in offering consumers what they want. Still, this doesn’t mean the providers are sticking rather than twisting. For the most part, they take a winning strategy and build on it to make it even more effective.  

Bingo is a perfect example. As an industry, the sector is expanding at a rapid rate, with some projections estimating that the game generates almost $1 billion in gross gambling yields in the UK alone. Casinos need it to be part of their libraries, which is why you can find everything from bingo slots to scratch cards. But players also want the genuine feel of being in a hall and conversing with fellow competitors as the numbers are called out. As a result, bingo live is a genre of the live casino market that is now found on most high-quality platforms since it provides the experience that customers crave – fun, community-driven, and genuine.  

It makes sense when you consider that it doesn’t take much for providers to offer a live version of the game in the same way they have live blackjack, poker, and baccarat.  

Using Dedicated Studios  

You might assume that using a casino floor would fit the bill perfectly, yet some platforms are moving away from the strategy and investing in dedicated live casino studios. The authenticity is the same, but there is a crucial difference – the use of a single application programming interface.  

Also known as an API, it is a piece of software that allows companies to used mixed hardware and software components as it caters to multiple interactions. Unfortunately, using several APIs, which some platforms do, is potentially risky because many elements can fail to sync correctly.  

With a single API, a feature of dedicated studios, there is not only better ease of integration between live casino games, but improved services and automated tasking. Plus, the extraction of data is much simpler, making it easier for platforms to spot pattern sets and use them to enhance the gameplay.  

Embracing New Payment Methods  

Casinos have been at the forefront of accepting new technology for decades. It's part of the reason why the industry is flourishing while other sectors continue to see a downturn in their fortunes. Still, live casinos are taking the tactic further by adopting payment methods others won’t, such as cryptocurrencies.  

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By accepting withdrawals and deposits in the form of Bitcoin, for example, the establishments not only automatically improve online security, but also minimize costs, make transactions more fluid, and incentivizing bonuses through the money they save from cutting out traditional payment vendors. These are features consumers search for, which explains why more and more people are turning into online gamers.  

Success isn’t guaranteed, but online casinos, and live casinos, in particular, go the extra mile to ensure they stay relevant to their audiences. 

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Last Updated: Apr 23, 2021