What to Do On a Break from Gaming

For every gamer, it is hard to resist the temptation of exploring a new game’s world. It is even more challenging to stay away from your favorite game’s new patch if you want to be the first to master the new changes added to affect the gameplay. You see, it is easy for everyone to advise gamers to play less to ensure they stay healthy. However, it is easier said than done!

One significant thing every gamer should think about in the coming year that would improve their health is taking gaming breaks. Having a proper routine during your breaks will help to prevent excessive muscle strain and allow your eyes to keep their acuity. It will also help to boost your body-wide circulation hence minimizing cognitive fatigue.

So, what can you do to get the best out of your gaming breaks? Here are some great things you should consider:

Boost Your Blood Flow

The best thing you can do during your break from gaming is to get up, walk and breathe. Several studies have revealed that there are many benefits of walking. Although there is no specific time recommended, you should consider walking for at least 30 minutes.

This exercise will help improve blood flow that has been pooling in your legs while you were gaming. Studies have shown that you can reverse the effects of blood pooling while sitting for an hour by getting up and walking for at least five minutes.

However, don’t walk faster so as to finish your walk quickly. Instead, enjoy your walk and go at a slower pace. You should also include some powerful breathing during your walk.

Take Care of Eye Fatigue with Some Massage

Eye strain is a common problem for many gamers. It is mainly caused by exposure to a bright screen and blue light. As a result, the gamers’ eyes start feeling dry and blurry, leading to headaches that worsen vision.

Fortunately, several quick and easy eye massages will go a long way in preventing and mitigating symptoms of eye strain. Here are some techniques you can use to boost blood flow to the eyes and relax strained muscles:

  • Eye socket massage – keep your eyes closed and use your middle finger to lightly and slowly massage your eye sockets down to the bridge of your nose. Perform up to 10 repetitions.
  • Pressure Points – press and hold pressure points for up to 3 seconds just inside the eyebrows and temples. This will help to provide more blood flow to your eyes.
  • Eye crease – the area above the eye crease, is another pressure point. You will feel a minor rebound from the tissue in this part. Press and gradually release for five seconds. Perform five repetitions.
  • Temples – the temple is the hollow area on the side of your face. Use your middle finger to massage your temples gently. Perform the massage in small circles for at least one minute.
  • Palming with eye movement – begin by warming your hands by rubbing them together. Then, close your eyes and place your palms over your eyes for around 30 seconds. Ensure you don’t apply pressure. While at it, move your eyes up and down and left and right.


Gamers usually spend a lot of time sitting in their gaming chairs. If you have also been playing real money casino games, you probably understand this statement even better. Many gamers end up spending a lot of time wagering as they chase that big win!

Studies have revealed that prolonged sitting compromises your health in different ways. For instance, you might experience adaptive tightening of the muscles along your back, chest, and hips. It also leads to reduced heart and metabolic function.

To combat these adverse effects of prolonged sitting, gamers should consider performing some physical exercise routine. The exercises you engage in should help to counter the stress on your body while sitting. Examples include:

  • Air squat – this helps to improve your overall blood flow.
  • Standing toe reach – this exercise helps to maintain flexibility along the backside of your lower body.
  • Double stretch – this works to lengthen the most commonly shortened muscle at your hip. It also helps to prevent adaptive shortening and excessive strain on the hand, forearm, and wrist.
  • Reverse hugs – these stretches will help to prevent the development of the hunched posture that is common for individuals who spend most of their time sitting.
  • Tendon glides – help to reduce the pressure on the median nerve because any adhesions that could have developed through the inflammatory healing process will be released. This process allows the tendons and the nerve to move within the tunnel.  

Final Thoughts

Gaming is, without a doubt, an immersive activity. Therefore, it is easy for gamers to spend long hours on their gaming device without notice. Unfortunately, such a lifestyle can be detrimental to your health.

The good news is, you can train yourself to embrace taking short breaks from gaming and performing other activities that counter the effects of sitting for long hours. This piece has presented you with some excellent ideas on how you can spend your gaming breaks.

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Last Updated: Dec 28, 2021