Automation tools can boost the efficiency of igaming affiliate marketing. Read this article to find out what exactly they can do!

Igaming affiliate marketing is a business with a relatively low entry threshold. To join it, you only need a computer or a mobile device, a stable Internet connection and strong motivation. Plus, you should be eager to learn new things and master new tools. From this article, you'll get to know which kind of instruments you should be ready to apply and how you'll be able to benefit from them.

Count Your Affiliates

Years ago, an igaming affiliate network could rely on this scheme:

  1. You find a person who'd like to join an igaming platform and let them know your unique identifier (it could be your email, name or a dedicated password)
  2. When the new client joins this platform, they tell your ID to the support crew
  3. The support crew registers them manually as a new customer whom you brought and gives this person a bonus or another perk in exchange

Such an approach is far from being perfect. It takes too much time and effort. It's prone to mistakes that take place because of the human factor. Most importantly, it lacks transparency. You can never check how many new clients the platform got thanks to you. Unscrupulous teams might fail to pay you what you deserve.

A modern igaming affiliate marketing platform lets you track all the individuals whom you motivated to sign up. You'll understand at a glance who of these people genuinely registered in the system and met all the requirements (such as deposited the minimum necessary sum). You'll be paid 100% of what you earned.

Analyze People's Demographics and Behavior

Most likely, the igaming platform that you'll be promoting won't make you focus on any specific group of the population. Probably, you'll be allowed to target anyone who's aged 18 or older and lives in a territory where this platform operates legally. However, some individuals will be more responsive to your efforts than others. To maximize your income, it would be wise to identify the characteristic traits of such people and focus on them. The automated tracking tools will enable you to do that.

Depending on the instruments that you'll rely on, you might be able to scrutinize the following parameters of your audience:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Spending capacity
  • Time that passes from the moment when a person receives the first piece of information from you and the moment when they sign up for the platform

The tools will single out meaningful traits and group people accordingly. You'll get access to comprehensive reports and nicely visualized data. You don't need to be a skilled data analyst to process these statistics and make insight-based decisions.

Communicate with People

Many affiliates launch their own websites or landing pages. From there, they redirect new customers to the platforms that they're expected to sign up to. The design and the contents of that website will need to meet the guidelines of the platform. Nevertheless, you'll be allowed to exercise creativity to a reasonable extent — such as add a chatbot.

A chatbot can greet the site's visitors 24/7 and answer their basic questions. When you get started, it might fail to look like a big deal. But as you make progress, you'll realize how much time you spend answering the same questions over and over.

Besides, the bot will be collecting people's data. That's indispensable for improving your analytics.

Last but not least, people appreciate it when they're taken care of and they don't need to wait long. Thanks to the chatbot, your revenue can noticeably increase.

Prevent Fraud

This tool is normally used by platforms that launch affiliate marketing programs and not the affiliates themselves. However, you might need such instruments in multi-level programs where you control low-level marketers. Plus, you should be aware of their capabilities to understand how platforms detect nefarious actors.

Affiliates are usually prohibited from bidding on the platform's branded terms. Some of them violate this rule and keep bidding. The best tracking software for affiliate marketing detects such individuals with great precision. The platform or higher-level affiliates can disconnect malicious actors from the program completely. Alternatively, they can issue a warning and fine them.

Final Thoughts

To make more money on affiliate marketing, it would be wise to integrate smart automation tools in your workflows. Such instruments can add transparency to the process of attracting new clients and receiving payouts. You'll be able to better understand the key characteristics of your audience and target these people more precisely. The risks of fraud will go down.

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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2023