As more and more people turn to gaming from their smartphone or tablet device, there’s no wonder why the major video game console companies are taking much more of an interest in developing their games for mobile devices. It’s all about money, and they all want their share of a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Mobile phones and gaming in 2022

Today, the majority of people carry a smartphone device around with them to do more than just stay in touch with their friends and family and keep up to date with their socials. Mobile phones are also used for banking, buying groceries, streaming television shows and movies from various streaming sites, playing games, and much more. More people than ever before are gaming from their smartphones and tablet devices as they ditch playing from a console, laptop, or desktop computer.

Back in the day, mobile phones didn’t have the capabilities to handle the high-end, more graphically demanding games, such as Elden Ring, Far Cry 6, Dying Light 2, Spider-Man Remastered, Halo Infinite, God of War, and Final Fantasy 7, to name just a few. However, today’s top-of-the-range smartphones CAN handle these games. Players are, therefore, no longer restricted to playing from a clunky console or PC and can now play their favourite games wherever they go, all from the palm of their hand.

Top mobile devices for gaming in 2022

Some of the very best smartphones for gaming in 2022 include the following state-of-the-art devices from various manufacturers. The most sought-after devices include:

  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Nubia Red Magic 7
  • POCO F4 GT
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Asus ROG Phone 6D

Other honourable mentions

Some of the other cutting-edge smartphones that players are also currently favouring for playing their favourite video games are the Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro, the Xiaomi Black Shark 5 Pro, the Asus ROG Phone 5, the Sony Xperia 1 IV, and the OnePlus 10T. These devices are also great for playing certain casino games, such as live dealer games, at trusted sites like

Top mobile games to play on mobile in 2022

If you end up investing in one of these smartphones and then want to check out today’s best mobile games, you may want to check out one or more of these fantastic games before trying any others. Some of the best video games that you can play on any of these handheld devices in 2022 include hit titles, such as PUBG, Monument Valley, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, Pokemon GO, Forge of Empires, Raid: Shadow Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Dota 2, Genshin Impact, and Mech Arena.

If that’s not enough to keep you going, then you may also like to try Forza Horizon 5, Resident Evil Village, Cyberpunk 2077, Grid Autosport, Wayward Souls, Hero Wars, and Kingdom Rush, to name just a few hit titles.

Is gaming better on mobile or console/PC?

This all boils down to your own personal preference. For example, some of you may prefer gaming and watching the action unfold on a much bigger screen, which means that gaming from a console or PC with a bigger screen/monitor would be the better option, whereas others prefer gaming while out and about, which means that gaming from a smartphone would be the more convenient option.

Some people will always argue that gaming from a smartphone is better than gaming from a console or PC, and others will argue the opposite. It’s difficult to say which of the two options is better. The best thing to do would be to try gaming from a smartphone and then try gaming from a console or PC to see which device you prefer the most. 

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Last Updated: Dec 02, 2022