Why You Win More On Progressive Slots

Slot machines make up most casino games you will find at any casino - whether land-based or online. There are thousands of slots with varying features and attributes that players can choose from. This varying distinction is essential when choosing which slot to play. Slots are categorized into different categories based on various factors like volatility, RTP, theme, and so on, and players have to choose whichever meets their preference.

One of the most significant distinctions amongst slot machines is whether a slot machine has a progressive jackpot or a non-progressive jackpot. All slot machines you will come across online will have one of these two jackpots. So, what is the difference between the two, and which one seems to be the best option for you to play?

What Is A Jackpot In Slots?

Jackpot refers to the maximum or highest payout amount that a slot machine pays out. However, the jackpot amount defers a little in progressive slots, and we will fully explain this later in this article. Before we differentiate between the two types of slots, we should look at what jackpot means in slot machines.

Every slot machine has a jackpot that players can earn as long as they trigger the right conditions. This condition is always unique to each slot game and the amount varies between different games and who develops it. Microgaming is one of the worlds largest companies when it comes to developing online slots and they are known for making games with high jackpots.

Why Is The Jackpot Higher In Progressive Slots?

A progressive jackpot slot means that the jackpot amount is not fixed and grows as more people play and wager real money on the game. The jackpot is paid out by the game developer, which means that all online casino venues that have the game in their portfolio contribute to the jackpot's growth. Because of this, the progressive jackpot can reach millions of dollars while other types of online slots when played with real money can never exceed the fixed max jackpot.

Unlike the regular slots where the jackpot amount is fixed, the progressive slots feature a jackpot that is not fixed and increases over time. This jackpot is separate from the base game and can only be triggered after certain conditions are met. Its value increases over time because every time players place bets on the slots, a fraction of their bets will add to the jackpot. The value will keep rising until someone triggers it, or the slot randomly pays a player. Once a player wins the pot, the jackpot reverts to its base value and repeats the same thing until it is won again. One interesting thing is that, since the value is not fixed but keeps increasing, nobody knows when a progressive slot will pay. Plus, the value a particular progressive jackpot pays to a lucky winner today won’t necessarily be what it will pay the next time it is triggered.

This is generally how the progressive jackpot works. There are different forms of progressive jackpots you will find online. So, the type of progressive slot you want to play will determine all the jackpot's workings of that particular slot.

What Is a Jackpot In Non-Progressive Slots?

Non-progressive slots or regular slots are fixed jackpot slots with a maximum payout that can change. It means that when you are playing a particular game, there is a maximum amount that such slots can payout for any spin. You should be aware that the slot will never pay out more than its jackpot amount for any spin, no matter what you do. So, since the amount you can win while playing non-progressive slots has a limit, the jackpot amount of this slot is usually smaller than that of the progressive slots. What determines the amount you can win on the reels of a non-progressive slot is the amount wagered on it. The payouts are usually in the form of a multiplier that will be multiplied by the current bet that triggers the win. For example, if the maximum amount a slot can payout is 1000x, regardless of how much you wager, you will only be able to win 1000x your wager.

Are Progressive Slots Better?

Before you make your decision, you should look at the following other difference between the two slots.

  • Potential Size Win - Although some regular slots can trigger incredible jackpots, generally, the fixed payout size is usually minimal compared to the progressive jackpot. The progressive slots, on the other hand, have the potential of paying out immense jackpots. If Lady Luck is on your side, you could even earn up millions of dollars in a single win.
  • Cost of Playing – Since progressive slots offer the chance to win a much higher amount, it is to be expected that they will also be more expensive to play. Furthermore, the base game’s return to player (RTP) percentage of progressive slots is usually lower than regular slots.
  • Chances of winning - The amount obtainable on slots reels is one thing, the odds that you will win such an amount is another. The chances of getting money back from the reels of a regular slot game are much higher compared to a progressive slot.

Ultimately, when deciding which type to play, you need to think about your gameplay preference. While skill-based slots are being developed most people still play slots to relax, or to win big. The choice is then between playing a casual slot with fewer risks, or go with the chance of being the lucky winner of a progressive jackpot?

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Last Updated: Mar 22, 2021