Will VR Become the New Standard in Gaming?

Many gamers still consider VR headsets as luxurious accessories, as the equipment is on the more expensive side and the amount of available software to use is still limited. They also have a reputation as a passing fad, as consumers remember past things with a similar feel, like 3D. Could VR be a lasting feature though?

The Current State of Virtual Reality

In general, VR has really taken off in a big way across all areas of the entertainment and media industries. Outside of video gaming, the technology can be found everywhere, from new TV shows to the Metaverse, and even casino developers are starting to integrate the newer tech.

In that area, Evolution Gaming are the big leader, creating new games featuring AR and VR functionality in their titles. In the league of famous slot titles like Book of Dead or Starburst or any of the other big names that pop up in a slots guide, these new-fashioned games are quickly establishing themselves. Even the music industry has been looking into 3D virtual concert productions where the viewers can move around the stage area.

The Range of VR in Video Gaming

While the number of traditional monitor games is still increasing faster than VR games, the formers still offer VR potential. The meteoric rise of Among Us, for instance, quickly gave birth to an immersive version of the game of the same title, which has maintained a considerable level of popularity.

Some of the biggest franchise names in the industry have been expanding into VR. Minecraft was one of the earliest adopters of VR following the Microsoft acquisition, and big names like Far Cry and Wolfenstein got dedicated VR titles. Even Half-Life, the series that can't reach number 3, has finally given fans a continuation of the decades-old story with the latest installment purely in virtual reality.

Is VR Set to Stay in Gaming?

Virtual reality is unlikely to ever take over entirely from monitor games, because some titles, like FIFA or Street Fighter, simply wouldn't work well in VR. However, everything seems to suggest that the technology is here to stay, with many players now saying that VR is the definitive way to play certain genres, like FPS and racers. That isn't even counting the rhythm and dance games which seem to already have a permanent home in VR.

Equipment will become more affordable, as prices inevitably drop and technology becomes more widespread. There are even persistent rumors that VR tech will come as an extra in launch boxes of next-generation consoles, although apparently, that won't be for a long time.

The bigger question for many is whether developers will start moving more towards games where VR is a requirement more than an option, such as the previously mentioned Half-Life: Alyx. Currently, many game studios are still hesitant to invest large amounts into products that would be only accessible to small sections of the overall market, but a wider spread of the technology would remove this as a blocker.

In the end, this becomes another one of those 'wait and see' situations that gamers are all too familiar with, although all indications are that VR will be a part of gaming for the long run.

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Last Updated: Mar 16, 2023