More time to get married!

The World of Kung Fu sounds like it would be a dangerous place. That is exactly why it's so wonderful that the romantic notions of love (and in-game marriages) will be extended further into September.

World of Kung Fu's Summer of Love in-game marriage event will be extended until September 14th.

World of Kung Fu, the free-to-play 3D martial arts MMORPG from VestGame Entertainment, is extending its popular "Summer of Love" in-game event due to player demand. This event allows groups of players get married amid a plethora fantastic decorations, balloons, flower bouquets, fireworks, and other mall items given out for free by the generous GMs. Wedding pictures of the new couples will be posted on the World of Kung Fu Website, with winners to be chosen by the community of World of Kung Fu Players.

One Grand Prize will be awarded on each server to the couple with the best photo. In addition to having their picture up on the World of Kung Fu website, the winning couple will receive 2 Xian Wu mounts and 2 Wish Rings. All entrants will receive a prize for their participation, such as the legendary Sky Pearl, a rare item useful for refining equipment.

Marriages in World of Kung Fu are performed by the GMs after players get their marriage license from the Matchmaker NPC located in the cities of Liuhe, and Bizhou. In addition to a lifetime of marital bliss, married couples also get a 20% experience bonus (upgradable to 50%) on actions performed together. In future upgrades to the game, there will actually be a child rearing system that will allow children to inherit attributes from their parents!

*sniff* It's just so happy!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016