Wreckfest is taking the gaming market by storm

Wreckfest is a Bugbear’s demolition derby styled automotive racing game. This game focuses on two diverse destruction derby-themed events- one is banger car racing on closed circuits and another one is total mayhem derbies in different areas. Wreckfast shows off highly impressive soft-body damage system. Gamers will find real joy while the colliding cars twist and crush with sophisticated driving dynamics and some brutal AI. The game features 18 tracks and 5 arenas in demolition derby events. The game is as interesting as the casino Immersive Roulette.

Wreckfest, in fact, has a wonderful line in demolishing cars apart. The damage model in this game is outstanding. Wreckfest has kept things pretty simple – you will be either racing or wrecking in demolition derby events or into nonstop chaos in races that go on across dusty temporary tracks. And even when you will be taking part in a complete multi-lap race, the reality is you're constantly wrecking and racing.

In the beginning, progression in Wreckfest's career mode is quite simple. You just receive points by completing events, and as you collect sufficient points, you will unlock for the higher tier championship. The game features 5 championships, with more and more events within them. Similar to any other racing games, your aim will be to earn the best feasible rank in all events - although this is a demolition derby-themed game. You have to come out on top in single-player by any means than crashing other vehicles. The same applies to experience gains as well. More you rank top position more XP gains you can make. And after you finish the top 3 here comes a useful reward. You will get a random performance or armor part for the car you drive in the race.

The Multiplayer in this game is awfully aggressive and is of extreme fun, if the server works fine which is sometimes little laggy.

Custom Event lets you pick a track, your car and game mode, the opponents' amount and so many other things. This is effective if you want to learn the tracks and practice car racing. You will encounter mainly 3 types of events in Wreckfest which are Series, Heat Race as well as individual challenges. You must learn to differentiate between these events to understand how the scoring works. Since Series races comprise numerous individual events, the starting position per race you get on the grid will be randomized every time. If your starting position is a difficult spot just press Esc, and then choose the Quit option to leave the race. Then you can restart the game without having to lose the progress in the series.

The performance of cars will be calculated by Performance Point numbers. This is a weight to power ratio. You must learn how to adjust with certain restrictions on usable car classes that are imposed on a few events in Career as well as some multiplayer servers so that you can easily adapt the gameplay.  Before you purchase a new car, don’t forget to examine the restrictions applied on the forthcoming events to understand whether the vehicle will be a suitable one.

When you explore the entire game modes, there’s nothing more pleasing than wrecking cars in demolition mode, where you don’t need to worry about racing another player and instead you can focus on crashing pretty much everything around you.

The game is full with plenty upgrade and customization preferences. When you are getting ready for the next demolition derby with roll cages, reinforced bumpers, side protectors and much more, or gearing up for a banger race then Wreckfast offers various engine performance parts like camshafts, air filters, fuel systems, etc. to ensure you have great fun with this exciting combative motorsport game. People who play Immersive Roulette will love to play this game to a great extent.

You can not only customize the look of your cars but also can upgrade them with various armors, strengthen them with heavy iron that gives you full protection from damage but since they also increase weight, it creates an impact on the cars handling. Adjust the car to build a robust tank or a delicate but super fast rocket, anything to ensure maximum points per competition.

Playing Wreckfest is pure fun to cherish. The car models in this game are of very high standard and realistic where every minor scratch, dent or lost part has been designed masterfully. Every moment is full of excitement. Even it's difficult to understand each of the physics calculations during a few races.

Even though the stunning damage of modelling, there are several small graphical details that appeared to be very strange. For example, you will never see the drivers move their arms when you turn a corner, even though they're usually minor details that don’t affect the overall gameplay. The PC version is very well crafted, and you can play it across diverse settings with both an Nvidia 1080Ti, as well as an older 980. Both will give you great experience for sure.

The game really seems outstanding when played online in a single event with up to 24 players. As you will experience, this is a total massacre at its best. You enjoy more excitement playing with real players and trolls where every crash is so incredible. It is obvious the duration of this game in the multiplayer modes will be far more than the single-player modes. 24 real competitors in a Destruction Derby is surely the most remarkable thing to experience in a car racing game.

Tear down your friends’ car online and take automotive racing to the limit when chasing them for demolition dominance. Have great enjoyment with lawn mowers and when released also with school buses, crop harvesters, three-wheelers and so on. Compete for championships, earn more experience, unlock a variety of cars, classes and new upgrades, and win the Wreckfest championships.

Wreckfest is one of those few combat games that allows you to decide how to play, and supports you throughout the game. If you choose to drive around smashing lawn mowers you can have a great time whereas racing on tracks can be equally good.  For meticulous sim racers as well as apex-gazing casuals alike, Wreckfest seems to offer a refreshingly unique flavor of the driving game.


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Last Updated: Feb 04, 2019