New tricks of the trade for Zelda, just keep on coming. That there is no doubt. The latest that we have found through our research and feedback, is the horse’s ability to go up the mountain full of flaming hot lava, amongst other obstacles. While you may have not even realised that you could take your horse up such climbs, this trick is recklessly inventive and necessary for those looking to find immunity to the heat which can be found within the Elden Region. Trust us when we tell you that this neat trick is necessary for your gameplay. 

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What does this trick entail?

So, the trick you have been waiting for. It will essentially allow you to freeze your horse permanently to counterattack and defend you against the overwhelming flames that you will experience in the difficult passage of the Elden Region. First, you must head over to the Woodland Tower, and leap off using the glider that you have, this will allow you to slowly glide down to a stable woodland area and take it from there. While this trick is now newly discovered, players believe that they can use the trick across more spreads of the game, meaning that you could use this to elevate gameplay across multiple stages of the game. Guess you can only try, right? With Zelda, nothing is fixed and there are multiple mysteries that players need to unfold for themselves-the Breath of Wild trick is most certainly one of them. Where you can use it, and how. 

Just to make clear the Breath of Wild trick will require you to aim specifically towards the horse with your ice arrow. You may need to position yourself a couple of times, to know the flow of your aim, but once you get the hang of it, it will be possible to freeze your horse, which will allow you to fall into the water and directly drown in the body of it. As you continue, the horse will remain frozen (yay), and you can continue using the horse through the passageway, unless your horse passes away. Then, you would need to start all over again unfortunately.

Finding the materials 

Considering how big the map is within Zelda, why not try cruising around using this trick across the Hyrule? You will need to collect some materials before you think of attempting the trick on a horse. The materials are very easy to acquire, and you will only need to seek out the following: a metal treasure chest and a minecart. To help you progress faster, make sure to seek out the materials within the northern part of your map, on Death Mountain. Once the items have been located, all you will need to do is put the chest within the front of your Kart, in addition to using your Magnesis Rune, to allow you to navigate the kart forward. While the trick is not perfect from the get-go, it will take practice to get the hang of it and conquer it, especially on terrain that is rocky and uneven. Nevertheless, what can be perfected without the use of practice? 


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Last Updated: May 18, 2022