New Trailer as Blade and Soul's Global Release Announced

We get our first look inside Blade and Soul, NCSoft's triple-A martial arts MMO eyefeast. Said to be highly successful in Korea after a late July launch, NCsoft shares a few words about Western release of the game and a trailer. (age verification required)

NCsoft® is thrilled to finally share with you a glimpse into Blade & Soul®. The newest MMORPG offers a spine-tingling blend of fast-paced martial arts combat infused with Asian myth and folklore. Conceived by acclaimed artist Hyung-Tae Kim and NCsoft’s Team Bloodlust division, B&S challenges players to seek vengeance on the evil Jin Seoyeon for the murder of the Hongmoon clan. Players can choose from four races, eight classes and a variety of professions and take part in PvP conflict from the floating mountains of Crimson Peak to the Suwol Plain.

To check out the game in action take a look at the following trailer:


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