Choosing a faction or realm in any massively multiplayer game is exciting. When that game has an innate realm rivalry, the choice becomes paramount to your future. Two games which had some of the fiercest rivalry I’ve ever seen were Dark Age of Camelot and Neocron. Sadly Necron never reached the dizzying heights of DAoC but we do now have Camelot Unchained to stoke the fires of realm hatred.

If you aren’t sure what Camelot Unchained’s realms are (where have you been?) they’re probably the three most original I’ve seen in years. They are:

  • The Arthurians
  • Tuatha De Danann
  • The Vikings

Besides the lore surrounding each, I’m think most people probably go on looks rather than anything else. For me, Tuatha De Danann are the realm I adore visually but the Gargoyles and Cait Sith of Arthurians just swing the realm in my favour. As for The Vikings, they look great but I’ve a sneaky feeling they’ll be the most popular simply because they’ve got a gritty, angsty edge. Helbound’s look like an extra out of a Slipknot concert (*shots fired*).

At the moment I’m currently in the process of trying to convince my guild that the Arthurians are the way to go, but it’s not looking promising. According to one, “I can’t play a realm where I can’t pronounce one of the races!” He was talking about the St’rm and needless to say he’s gone on my bloody ignore list.

Now that I’ve decided on the realm want to play the rest, as far as I’m concerned, are scum (might as well start this rivalry early!). Most importantly: which realm will you play?

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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