Elite: Dangerous Horizons launches tomorrow and I hope you're ready for it. There isn't a ton coming tomorrow alone, but it's the start of a long journey where multi-crew, multi-ship, player characters, etc. will be making its way into the game. To start with, there is two updates to be aware of. First is the main Elite: Dangerous core-updates, for players who haven't bought the expansion. This will include:

  • Asp Scout, Viper MkIV, Federal Corvette, Imperial Cutter, Keelback
  • New Missions
  • Bobbleheads
  • Core Game Updates

Horizons Players will Get:

  • Cobra MK. IV (Preorder bonus)
  • Planetary landings.
  • Ability to explore installations on planets and missions on the surface.
  • Surface rovers.

If you're wanting to hop into the action of landing on a planet, it needs to be a rocky planet with no atmosphere. You can easily find one by using your ship's communications system and targeting any ground installation. To land on a planet, supercruise towards it until you get within range, then slow down. You'll automatically enter into planetary supercruise. At which point you can zoom around the planet. Go any lower and you'll automatically enter into a glide state.

To land, just slow down, extend your landing gear, and touch down on the planet. To take off, use your verticle thrust to lift off and then if you want to exit the planet, supercruise and then align with the exit marker. To enter into your scarab, you'll need to just land, then look down (at where the tablet looking thing has been in most ships) then launch your rover. To return, either dock with your ship, or request your ship come back to you. If you die, then you respawn at your ship.

Oh and you'll need the gear for it, for sale at most space stations that have outfitting available (at least I found it often in the beta). You'll also need a rover too.

Later on in the expansion, various updates will include new ships (rumored to include more passenger ships for passenger delivery missions, which interestingly enough really interests me), multi-crew, multi-ship, and a player character creator.

In order to access planets, you'll need to buy the Horizons expansion. Beta players will automatically be given access, while anyone who purchased just the expansion (not the beta), will be able to move right on into the fun.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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