Sometimes you can easily get overwhelmed with things to do in Fallout 4. From the moment you hit the surface, the entire world is explorable, with only a few key locations locked out until you finish some of the story missions. You can go through the entire game without doing a single quest and access most of the game's content, which is kind of cool. Some quests are required to access various areas, but generally, the story is completely optional. There's a lot of other neat things to do in the world, and some simple ones to get you started are listed below - but ultimately, wandering around and exploring is always a way to find something interesting in the world of Fallout 4.

Unlock and Build Every Settlement

Settlements are probably a full time job in Fallout 4, and building them all is going to require a lot of time, work, effort, and fun if you're the builder mindset. It's actually quite rewarding to go through and build out the settlements, because it provides easy to find rest areas throughout the world and something to always do. You'll need beds, food, water, and defense at each and some are harder to build than others. For instance, the Airport has almost no space and requires food to come from another direction.

Finish the Story... on another Save

Part of finishing the story requires you to alienate the other factions. You can get to a really sweet spot in the game where the Brotherhood, the Synths, and Railroad members all love you. This makes moving through the game really easy - but, upsetting any of the factions in the ending, will set them hostile and lock out any companions you had with them, which isn't a smart idea if you want an easy time throughout the world.

But, finishing the story is fun, and rewarding, and you can explore the various options between the different factions. It may be required for the DLC, although Fallout: New Vegas had the DLC available seconds after walking out of the building.

Collect Coffee Cups

Collecting items can be... a bit different, for many players but can be fun and rewarding. Fallout 4, much like Skyrim, has a near infinite amount of junk you can collect. Some players have found a neat past time in collecting weird things within the game. You could collect everything from pre war money all the way to various guns and whatever else.

Explore Every Building

There is a lot of buildings to explore, some of them have relevant quests, others don't. You can find random vaults, office buildings, and outposts and explore them to your hearts content. Some buildings, related to quests, can't be completed until the quest is activated, but that can't stop you from clearing it. Most buildings have some really cool terminals where you can find out a lot about the world, either from past games, or what was going on in Boston before the great war.

This is also the way to check out some cool sidequests, like the pre-war robots on a rocket boat.

Praise Atom - Crafting Madness

The final thing you can do is work on making not only the coolest outfit in the game, but specing out all of your weapons and getting ready for the DLC and whatever it may bring. Preparing for the DLC will set you up for success, plus, who knows, that super modded big boy might come in handy the next time Dogmeat gets you stuck leaving a door. Getting your companions geared out is important too, because who knows if you'll be more into dogmeat or Preston in the next few months until we see the DLC drop.

That's my ideas, feel free to comment with some cool things of your own!

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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2016

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