Well, there is enough evidence to easily support this idea with just the phone guy alone. Here is an easy timeline of events to follow. On day one the phone guy talks about the previous restaurant. Now, it doesn't say pizzeria, it says restaurant. That's it. He references doors, but we are to easily assume the previous restaurant had doors. Now here is the ringer. On night six, the phone guy talks about the previous restaurant, the diner. Now the last place was a pizzeria. On the sixth night, if you win, you see a newspaper clipping about a decreased budget and scraping of the new animatronics.

So here's what happens. In this messed up world where kids get even scarier versions of Chuck E Cheese, it seems that this rendition was shut down, after what we are to assume is the bite incident. It reopens, with a smaller budget, just the original animatronics, and then they install doors and because of the budget cuts, they limit the power that can be used at night. This is so simple. Now though, for the real question: why do they want to kill the hero and the suit stuffing theory seems plausible, but at the same time - can we even believe phone guy? Dun dun dun.

Yeah well why does the goat in goat simulator want to blow everything up and the king in Katamari Damacy want to roll the universe up? Because a game needs a reason and sometimes that reason just exists. Why do we want to figure it out? Why do we care? It's Human nature I suppose, but sometimes I feel like we emotionally punish ourselves trying to read too much into a game. With FNAF, the community is constantly in a bloodlust rage trying to figure out just why everything is, yet, we can all easily tell everything specifically isn't. There is no deep dark secret story, there is a game developer named Scott who makes this game. He felt like making it, apparently, and that's pretty much the extent of it. Some dude, somewhere, put in a bunch of spooky things into a game, added in a bit of mystery, and bam, we're all addicted to figuring it out.

MMOs rarely if ever have any mysteries. Fans just won't put up with the idea that their game isn't complete. Yet, for horror games this is the expectation because what's left to your imagination is limitless in horror. Playing WoW, Blizzard fills in the story for you. You just have to wait until the end. It's like a great book, you know the end is there, but you have to grind away the story. With FNAF, it's more or less a mystery beyond a mystery, the creepy robots have two sets of teeth for some odd reason and it's obvious there is something going on beyond what is presented, but it could be anything from the game being some creepypasta that was written and never released to just a joke between friends.

I do miss games from long ago - they were great. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines is a game in which there is mountains of mystery but there is also solution. For every mystery in the game, there is some cleaver way of figuring it out - either through dialog, tapes, or investigation. If you wanted, if you really wanted, to know the truth then by all means its there for you. It might be buried in the tutorial in the Malkavian dialog, but its there. It's an example of how 

Even if you can or can't get a reservation at Dorsia, it's important to be mindful of the people who craft these stories and be mindful of their intentions. One of the things that always gets me is that we all think from the character's point of view and rarely from the author, who is the mind behind the characters. In all of these games, it is people who decide the fate of the fictional, even if we theorycraft from the ficitional. As far as we know FNAF is about a thief who is managing the security system at night in an attempt to rob the store and thus the money problems or the security guard is a robot as well, but just a regular endoskeleton, and thus when you put on the mask they ignore you. We could go on all day, but it's the character's creator or the person with the most authority right now to decide the characters who is the only true storyteller in canon.

Anyway, that's all I want to ramble about. It's time for me to delve back into WoW. See you all in Azeroth and safe journeys.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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