Here at Ten Ton Hammer our main goal is to chronicle, review and report
on the MMO games that you, the readers, find the most interesting. In
an effort to honor those requests our weekly free-to-play column,
Microcosms, has continued to evolve and grow with this exciting and
emergent genre. One of the most common requests from our readers was
that we feature more game reviews. So, without further ado, we begin a
continuing series of reviews that highlight not only the customary
topics of graphics, gameplay and interface, but also a game's overall
value. Join Jason “Medawky” Bolton as he kicks it off by taking a look
at Atlantica Online in this week’s Microcosms –
Gaming for Freedom.

Kicking off our series of free-to-play game reviews is
Atlantica Online, a Korean import from Ndoors Interactive that has been
among the highest rated games in the segment since its launch in late
2008. Featuring a robust living world that centers on powerful Nations
made up of strong guilds that battle for control of the lands, this
PvP-centric game is unique in many ways. From instanced combat zones to
massive PvP battles Atlantica Online has content in spades. The game
world is set in an alternate reality Earth where players will explore
the globe looking for the fabled lost city we know as Atlantis

How many Hammers will href="" target="_blank">Atlantica
get hit with?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016