I would happily argue with anyone that Splash Damage make the best team based shooters in the world. I emphasise the word team because it seems like players want team based shooters (ala Battlefield and Team Fortress 2) but they don't actually want to work together as a team. Or if they have to, it's on their own terms rather than the game's.

Splash Damage do things differently and actually make games where you have to work together to succeed. From the objectives to level designs and classes, it all morphs together into a perfect unison of coordination and cooperation. There's no room for lone wolves in their games.

Having played Dirty Bomb since its Alpha, I love it. Not only is it as beautiful as Brink but it requires just as much team work and skill. With a variety of different Mercs that all play differently, the game has a unique approach to composition and a vibrant Meta. Guns are satisfying, the level design is excellent and all the abilities are a lot of fun. Although it's missing wall running (something that I thought was incredible in Brink) it's still a robust shooter that should give Overwatch a run for its money.

Have you played it? Are you enjoying it as much as me? 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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